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New Merch Tool For Creatives – Form Investigates

By On August 6, 2014

If you’ve been looking for a more creative way to sell merch then Print All Over Me could be for you. They provide an online platform that allows anyone to create, share,… Read More

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What is ASMR? How Can Musicians Participate?

By On July 21, 2014

Niche alert:  ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - ASMR isn’t so much a music niche/genre but more of a sonic genre. Have you ever experience tingles when someone was talking to you? A voice so soft… Read More

Music Career

The Most Important Ingredient For Music Success

By On June 9, 2014

I have been in and around bands for a long time. Since the rise of the Mp3 to it’s inevitable downfall, 15 years. During that time many things have changed in the… Read More

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Does Fakewatchbusta Expose The True Wealth Of Hip Hop Artists?

By On May 23, 2014

Have you heard of @Fakewatchbusta? It’s an Instagram account that exposes fake luxury watches on the wrists of hip hop artists. The guy who runs the account has been getting a lot… Read More

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13 Places To Share Your Music On Reddit

By On May 14, 2014

You are on Reddit right? You’re probably just a lurker. Like most of the Reddit audience. But if you’ve always wanted to join the conversation now is as good a time as any… Read More

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Live Show

5 Things Musicians Should Know Before Applying To Music Festivals

By On April 8, 2014

I’ve had the good fortune to help organize a few amazing music festivals recently and after seeing the artist applications come in, I thought I’d write this list to make a musicians… Read More

Music Production

5 Reasons Why You Need A Producer For Your Record

By On March 13, 2014

It’s taken me a long time to learn this lesson. You need a producer for your record. I’m not saying  for EVERY record (but it couldn’t hurt). Why you should consider working… Read More

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I Dare You To Make An Album In February – RPM Challenge

By On January 27, 2014

February is almost here and you know what that means. Time for the RPM Challenge. An annual dare of sorts. A dare that asks you “Do you have what it takes to… Read More

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2014 Music Prediction Comes True: More Indie Supergroups Appear

By On January 25, 2014

This from Pitchfork: Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann and indie-punk fixture Ted Leo toured together in 2012 and 2013, resulting in a collaborative songwriting project called the Both. (Thankfully they’ve dropped the hashtag from… Read More


Top 5 Best Marketed Albums of 2013

By On January 20, 2014

There was a lot of hype surrounding album releases in 2013. A number of  superstars and each superstar did the album release their own way and showed us that there are a… Read More