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[ 0 ] October 2, 2009 |

Last night, I was fortunate enough to catch Sir Ken Robinson (yes, he’s been knighted) do a lecture on the importance of creativity in the education system, the ability and courage to follow what you’re most into, and the need for innovation to find solutions to the problems new generations will face.

During the lecture, he brought up how he interviewed Paul McCartney for his latest book. I was impressed just by that, but during the conversation, he found out that he got into a school that Paul didn’t (they both grew up in Liverpool). In fact, Paul wasn’t deemed good enough to be in the music program at the school along with a fellow by the name of George Harrison. They were told they didn’t have enough musical talent.

He went on to explain how Elvis was rejected from the school’s glee club because they thought he was ruining their sound.  Elvis becomes American music juggernaut and cultural icon while Glee clubs try to get some life back with a sub-par new sitcom.

A lot of people give up on something if they are told they are no good at it, especially an authority figure like a teacher/parent. It takes a lot to get past that. In essence, his point was that an intense passion for what you’re doing will help you get past the rejection. You’ll put in more hours, you’ll enjoy what you’re doing, you will get better,  and it won’t feel like work.

I can’t help but think that passion for something unlocks creativity or lets it flow freely because of the joy involved.. thoughts?

I’ll leave you with one of Robinson’s talks at TED. Stay tuned for another Robinson inspired post.

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  2. Freddy says:

    Love Ken Robinson! One of the best TED talks too!

  3. Kelsey Ruger says:

    I am a big fan of Sir Ken. Have you had a chance to read The Element yet?

  4. I have not.. I was just checking out that book. I may have to right away

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