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Double Rainbow! – YouTube Helps The Gregory Brothers Chart on iTunes.

[ 0 ] August 2, 2010 |

I’m a big fan of meme’s, and they don’t come along much sweeter than Double Rainbow.

A very excited man shows the world a beautiful double rainbow. Awesome.

As is the natural meme development it was quickly remixed into a very hilarious song, aptly titled Double Rainbow Song, done by the very talented Gregory Brothers.

You’d expect a video like this to generate some lols and roflcopter and join the rest of the YouTube Ooze.  But the Gregory Brothers put the song on iTunes and saw huge sales. Last month Double Rainbow Song reached number 74 on iTunes top 100 songs. Yeah, SEVENTY FOUR!?! And from a song that is all of a minute and fifty eight seconds long.

This is another huge example of the power of YouTube. I really believe that it is the best platform to showcase your music to grow your audience. Of course there are a few more factors that helps make this video huge:

  • It’s a great song. As simple pop songs go, I guarantee you’ll be singing Double Rainbow Song in your head over and over again.
  • It’s a very current meme to copy. The original Double Rainbow was just starting to get hot when the Gregory Brothers made their parody.
  • It’s absolutely hilarious.

Those few factors helped to convert me. I showed it to everyone, twittered about it, posted it on friends walls and played it for friends at parties. I wanted everyone to laugh as hard as I did. If this was just an mp3 I wouldn’t have heard it. It had to be You..Tube to convert me. That autotune is ridiculous.

The beauty is that you can do this too. YouTube is a very democratic environment. The best videos go to the top. Your videos don’t have to all smash through like Double Rainbow but you should start and TRY ANYTHING right now to get your content heard. Who knows what iTunes sales gold mine you may be sitting on.


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