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Kanye West Collaborates With Bon Iver – Crossing Fan Bases and Introducing Nicki Minaj

[ 1 ] August 27, 2010 |

Kanye West is on his grind. He’s going to be releasing a new song EVERY FRIDAY UNTILL CHRISTMAS! Sorry about the yelling. It’s just impressive to see an artist working so hard. Or at least capturing the media’s attention with such claims.

His latest release Monster is sure to be a huge crossover hit if only on the basis of how large each collaborator’s fan base is. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and bearded indie superstar Bon Iver.

That is definitely an unlikely lineup but Kanye has brought it together with Monster. Most likely it will be a huge hit on the net, as it’s really a song for this medium with a running time of 6:22! But I guess I still do hear Stairway to Heaven from time to time. I wonder if Top 40 and Hip-Hop radio will pick this up? I bet there is too much crazyness.

With his collaboration with such a diverse cast Kanye has increased his chances of success exponentially. Indie kids (arguably Kayne’s audience already) Hip-Hop heads from all sides, and dance kids (feel that beat) are all going to be into this. A great beat pretty much guarantees a hit.

In addition to all of that, the featuring of Nicki Minaj is the huge introduction that she needs. She’s probably going to be the one that benefits from this the most. As she’s still developing her following.

Download it here and listen for yourself.

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