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Weezer Funds New Album, Hurley, With Massive Product Placement

[ 6 ] August 17, 2010 |

I am a long time Weezer fan. From Blue Album to . . ahem. . Hurley (Weezer’s peculiarly titled new album) I will always support one of the first important bands in my life. So it is with a lot of love and good deal of humor I have watched Weezer make a career for themselves, and navigate in this new music world.

Being products of the old guard Weezer were signed to a multi release deal with Geffen Music. Seven records to be exact. As most Weezer fans will attest, not all of those records were pretty.

But this year the Geffen Major Label shackles were unlocked and Weezer were finally free to do what they wanted. They decided to record a new album and look for a new record label. The band eventually signed a single album deal with Epitaph Records that had many fans waving their DIY Independent Record flags.

Yet it seems that the Major Label teet is difficult to be weaned off of because guitarist, and mandible superstar, Brian Bell said that the record was partly funded by the Surf Company HURLEY. (BUUUH WHAAAT??)

THATS the real reason the record is called Hurley, not because of Hugo from Lost. And yes, we are talking Hurley International, the company now owned by Nike.

Yikes. Is that what being DIY means these days? Giving away the title of your album?

So, to fulfill their contract to Hurley International, not only has the album been named Hurley, but Weezer has a line of Hurley clothing popping up in malls across America. PUNK RAWK!

Brian Bell goes on to say that the new album features Hurley from the TV show Lost on the cover as some sort of post-modernist new media tie in.. . .ah. bu. . wh..  ahh…. whatever man, just as long as I get to hear El Scorcho at SonicBoom this year.

Is this another bungle from my heroes? Does this matter at all? Is this normal for bands?  Only time will tell, but the whole situation is interesting nevertheless. I hope more details come about regarding Hurley.

Now if you don’t mind, the album just leaked and I plan on listening to it non-stop for the next few days. Take that corporate dicks!

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  1. d'Funk says:

    “I hope people don’t look at it too jokey…cause it certainly comes across that way, with out reading into it a little deeper, um more deeply.”

    How deep can it go Brian Bell? Nike has had commercials with the cast of Lost, Lost inspired shoes etc etc. This is just the next step in the marketing plan, it’s like in Wayne’s World, when Garth is reading Benjamin’s day planner, but this time it would say “Buy a feeble rock band and exploit it.”

    What a joke.

    And there goes the old rule that to support a band buy the T-shirt.

  2. NewRockstarPhilosophy says:

    Good call d’funk! I’d love some Lost/Weezer/Nike shoes.

  3. Brother Howe says:

    That just seems to be the way it is these days. To make money in music, even the major label rock stars need to create licensing deals and get corporate sponsorships. They can’t rely on album sales and traditional touring alone anymore it seems. I love Weezer too (check out our country punk cover of The Sweater Song) and can’t wait for the new album no matter what lies behind and beneath it. Rivers is one of the best songwriters around today.

  4. [...] et tout ce pataquès n’est en fait qu’un placement de produit. C’est le site New Rock Star Philosophy qui le révèle, avec à l’appui une interview de Brian Bell [...]

  5. b says:

    where can i find this “leaked” hurley?
    please tell me

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