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If MySpace Copies Bandcamp Will You Stick Around?

[ 3 ] December 17, 2010 |


MySpace is a piece of horrible with a silent H. Years of paying no respect to their user base has left My_______  as the retarded and annoying older brother of the social networks. They overdosed on ads and everyone left the place.

Bandcamp has better ideas and better execution. Bandcamp IS BETTER. Now as MySpace tries to reinvent itself as a place that is more welcoming to musicians they’ve joined with RevebNation to do many things that Bandcamp does. I mean, the widgets even look the same.

..Recently announced an integration with marketing and promotion platform ReverbNation that will give artists a handy collection of tools that they can use to track analytics (both on MySpace and on other social media sites) and organize and contact their fans.

The new contact tools are an extension of Reverb’s Fan Relationship Management application, FanReach.

FanReach will allow bands to port all their contacts into the MySpace environment, from which they can reach out to fans from a consolidated dashboard.

In a sense, FanReach is an e-mailing marketing service — think MailChip — that lets bands zero in on certain demographics by sorting their fans by age, location, etc. and create a more targeted mailing campaign. They can also check open rates, campaign success, etc. – Mashable

Check the video below.
New Tools For Artists From Myspace Music

MySpace Music: Artist HQ | Myspace Video

Take Control of Your Music

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  1. Chris Bracco says:

    Ugh. lol. That video is so pathetic.

  2. ventilo says:

    The last thing MySpace did for me was to trash down my carefully done page design. They just erased several hours of painful work tinkering around their previous limitations with CSS layout and so… Talk about caring for the people…

    Now I’m leaving its “new version” to rot and sticking to BandCamp…

  3. Abi Harper says:

    Auditioning a musician on MySpace is not only painful it’s almost impossible, just waiting for the page to load, then the pictures, then the player… BandCamp rocks! SoundCloud even better… There are too many options today, no reason to seattle.

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