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Gear Review: Grado SR60i Headphones

[ 0 ] July 27, 2011 |

A few months ago, after 7+ years my Sennheiser headphones crapped out on me and I had been looking for a another solid pair of headphones since. I like to buy quality gear when it comes to audio equipment and that usually means a big price tag. But when my buddy showed me the Grado SR60i headphones I was blown away not only by their price but also because nearly every headphone Grado has created appears to have won every audio award invented.

So it was with great anticipation that I ordered my SR60i headphones off ye ol’internet and when they arrived I found that the reviews were right on. The SR60i headphones are clear and smooth sounding with the most comfortable ear padding I’ve had on. And I did mention the price right? I had them shipped from far away and they still came to under $100. So if your looking for a solid pair of affordable studio headphones check out the Grado SR60i.

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