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MegaUpload Who? The Web Bounces Back #obvs

[ 0 ] February 10, 2012 |

Did you really expect anything else?

The recent federal takedown of notorious file-sharing service Megaupload was initially seen as a huge victory for owners of copyrighted music and movies, but new research shows this may not be the case.

…Internet consulting firm DeepField Networks analyzed Web traffic from six companies that provide the storage facilities responsible for roughly 80% of all file-sharing traffic.

….According to DeepField, Web traffic related to file-sharing recovered almost immediately as users simply utilized other services such as Rapidshare and Mediafire.

To compound matters, it looks like Internet Service Providers in the United States will likely take the biggest hit following Megaupload’s closure. ”Instead of terabytes of North America Megaupload traffic going to U.S. servers, most file sharing traffic now comes from Europe over far more expensive transatlantic links,” DeepField noted. (Via BGR)

If you keep up with the file sharing world you knew that this was going to be the case. Only the media and governments believed that shutting down ONE services would actually put a dent into file sharing. You take down one and three more appear.

The governments and regulation agencies will never win this piracy war because they are fighting against the natural progression of information. They are trying to stop time. Reinstall the 1980s and 1990s, sorry you cannot stop time. I’ve tried it.

Welcome to the new age…it arrived 12 years ago. Give the people what they want and you will make money. Duh

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