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One Simple Tip That Could Get You More Song Placements

[ 0 ] August 24, 2012 |

Let’s put this in the Derp category.

THIS –> Music Supervisors might love your track but because vocals are such a distinctive part of your song they might be forced to choose someone with more instrumental music b/c it works with a scene. Ya dig?

So why not save the music supervisors some hassle and RELEASE AN INSTRUMENTAL VERSION OF EVERYSONG… Or at least have it available.

You already recorded the tracks, you already have the content, all you do now is put it on Drop Box and tell music publishers, supervisors, or anyone who you’d think would want it that, YES, instrumental tracks are available. Immediately this opens a huge amount of new possibilities that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

–Plus think of all your fans that will now enjoy screaming along to your song karaoke style?!–

Instrumental versions of your songs will be a win win for everyone.

So contact your studio, ask them if it can be done. Or if you’re working on new stuff right now make sure to bounce a version without any vox. So simple, effective, and good. For your health.

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