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How To Play More House Concerts #GetBooked

[ 1 ] December 6, 2012 |


Connecting directly with fans is the name of the game for musicians in the digital age.  House concerts are the apex of that idea. Playing a show in the home of a fan for a one time, unique experience is typically a great experience for all parties. It is at these shows where fans will spend more money, sign up to the email list and actually listen to your songs.

But how do you book more of these gigs?

Well the team behind Hear It Local decided to make a Facebook application that will make your life so much easier. We asked Matt Lombardi, CEO of Hear It Local, to go in to detail:

 - What’s the idea behind the GetBooked Facebook app? - 

GetBooked was designed to help working musicians get more paying gigs right through their Facebook fan page…Once a musician installs the app, it inspires music fans to book a house concert or private event and facilitates the booking right from the musician’s Facebook page.

  – What makes GetBooked different from the rest of the field? - 

Unlike other booking platforms, we enable crowd-funded live music events.  Using GetBooked, a music fan can book an artist for a house concert and get their guests to pitch in a few dollars each to cover the expenses prior to the event. This makes bringing live music into your home super easy and affordable.

Another important difference is that we view ourselves as musician advocates. Our mission is to create a more sustainable music economy. There are no signup costs or subscription fees and the app is free. We make money only when the musician does through a 7.5% revenue share on bookings.

 -  Who can use GetBooked? (any geographic/other restrictions?) - 

The GetBooked Facebook app is open to all musicians in the US who want to enable their fans to book them for house concerts and private events. Once installed, the app walks music fans though a fast and simple booking request process.

- Anything else we should know? - 

Most fans have no idea that it’s even a possibility to bring their favorite musicians into their home for live music events. It’s been fun to see how excited fans get when the opportunity presents itself on Facebook. We just launched the GetBooked app last month and it’s already taken off in 10 major cities across the country.

The app has helped kick start a new House Concert movement that’s a win-win for fans and musicians.  Musicians getting great gigs that allow them to get paid for doing what they love and fans are getting an amazing music experience right in their homes, for less than it might cost to go out to a show with a few friends.

Don’t be scared by the idea of house concerts. THEY CAN BE FOR ALL GENRES. You know what a hip-hop/punk/rock/EDM house concert is called? It’s called AN AWESOME PARTY. So give your fans the option to book you for their home and give GetBooked a try.

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  1. This has been a growing movement in the UK as well. Too bad we can’t use the app here.

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