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New Rockstar Philosophy Crowdfunding Campaign

[ 2 ] March 10, 2013 |

nrp full cover 2013

Help Raise $10,000 to cover costs of The New Rockstar Philosophy Book!

The New Rockstar Philosophy has been around for 5 years and we’ve been giving away our game-changing content to all readers who were embracing the digital evolution. In that time we’ve managed to:

  • Release our ebook in 2010 to thousands of downloads.
  • Had a fan translate it into Italian
  • That fan turned out to be the engineer for the MUSE, Tommaso Colliva
  • Tommaso helped get The New Rockstar Philosophy published in Italy in 2011
  • The New Rockstar Philosophy won Best New Book of the Year in Italy
  • In 2012 signed a collaborative partnership agreement with book publisher Indie Ink to get the physical book out in stores
  • But what we want to do now is go that final step. We need your help to cover the costs of getting The New Rockstar Philosophy printed in English.

With the deal we’ve signed with Indie Ink, we’re coming into the process as partners. So we want to extend that partnership to you because you guys have been asking for the physical book since the beginning.

What You Can Do:

Order Your Copy of The New Rockstar Philosophy via the Rewards.

You’ve always wanted to help us out and have a copy of the “real” book. Here is your chance to do both. Plus we have more than just books to offer as rewards. But before we get there let’s explain exactly where this money is going. We need to raise $10,000 to pay for:

  • the first run of printing costs
  • the art work for the cover

Yep it’s that simple and straight forward. The coolest part is that through this campaign you’ll get a chance to pre-order the book before ANYONE ELSE. You’ll be the cool kid on the block!

What Your Support Means:

The New Rockstar Philosophy has had a long and interesting journey to get to this point. We’ve been trying to ignite new thoughts in our readers minds for 5 years. That’s like 15 in Internet Years. We didn’t know where these ideas would take us but we kept going. With your support of this campaign will help us:

  • Keep The New Rockstar Philosophy alive and going with new ideas and content
  • Expand our coverage to more music industry events
  • Share and spread the New Rockstar Philosophy ideas and help more bands transform their love into a full-time income.
  • Prove that the online world is a viable and real alternative to going the traditional route.


The biggest reason The New Rockstar Philosophy has grown so much is because of people sharing our content. If you think any of your friends could use the New Rockstar Philosophy please tell them about our campaign and share it with them.

Thank You!

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  1. Alek says:

    Hey guys,
    Can I donate 20 bucks for physical copy and get it delivered if I live in Russia?
    Thanx a lot.

  2. NewRockstarPhilosophy says:

    Hey Alek,

    We emailed ya for your address. I think we can make it happen, but maybe a few extra bucks for shipping. Cool? Thanks for the interest!

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