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Does Every Great Artist Need A Pope?

[ 0 ] September 3, 2013 |

Da Pope!

Have you read the Independent’s article on how the CIA used American Modern Art as a weapon during the Cold War? It’s probably the most interesting thing you’ll read all week. The article, and more specifically the quote below, got me thinking about how great art gets made.

It takes a Pope or somebody with a lot of money to recognize art and to support it,” Mr Braden (CIA) said. “And after many centuries people say, ‘Oh look! the Sistine Chapel, the most beautiful creation on Earth!’ It’s a problem that civilization has faced ever since the first artist and the first millionaire or Pope who supported him. And yet if it hadn’t been for the multi-millionaires or the Popes, we wouldn’t have had the art.

So who’s your Pope?

Are Labels (major, indie) your Pope? Or perhaps you have a manager who is your Pope.

The main difference between a Pope like figure and a Label/manager is that a Pope doesn’t necessarily want to profit from your Art. A Pope would just want great art made for its own sake…but I guess in the case above its point is to combat the Russians.

But more importantly, in today’s musical ecosystem do you need a Pope?

OF COURSE a multi-millionaire supporting your art would be freaking sweet, but now we are living at a point in history unlike anytime before. If you can develop your own fan base and connect with them on a deep level you won’t need a Pope, you’ll have thousands of individuals who will support you. One only has to look to DIY artists like Jonathan Coulton, Pomplamoose, Boyce Avenue to prove that there’s no time like today to be an independent artist. But how do you get there? What are the steps? Click Here to find out.

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