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An Idea For Songwriters

By On April 19, 2010

Voyno and I were just talking about the hugeness that was the “Rumours” album by Fleetwood Mac. A hugeness factor of 40 million to be exact. There was a reason this album… Read More


What I Learned from Seeing John Mayer and Michael Franti Live

By On April 11, 2010

John Mayer and Michael Franti rolled into our town last week. I’ve been a pretty solid fan of John Mayer since Continuum came out and have been wanting to see how he… Read More

Digital Music

GrooveShark, Streaming, and The Artists Who Take Advantage of Them

By On April 5, 2010

A lot of you probably have heard of, the streaming site driven by uploaded songs. I have no idea on the legality of the site, I just dig that I can… Read More

New Rockstar Philosophy in Gizmodo

By On March 26, 2010

Recently Adam wrote a very evenhanded feature on the future of record labels, titled; Record Labels: Change or Die.¬†Hoover and I were lucky enough to be interviewed and featured in the… Read More


DIYgigging on Facebook

By On February 4, 2010

Hey guys, We set-up a Facebook page for and we wanted to invite all of ya’ll to join if you feel so inclined. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding all… Read More

Digital Music

Why Data is Becoming So Important For Musicians

By On January 31, 2010

Data. It’s the new gold according to many experts and pundits. Why? Data simply helps you make better decisions. Example 1 Let’s say you put up 3 different songs on YouTube. After… Read More

Working All Your Music Muscles

By On January 18, 2010

Winter is a period of hibernation. We stay inside from the cold and write and record music. But as the freakishly warm weather outside my house tells me, spring is on its… Read More

Post Tour Reach Around

By On January 13, 2010

So you’re back from a tour and it was a great success. You made new friends and fans and shared your music with the world. Great, now what? Well on one of… Read More

4 Not So Obvious Tour Tips

By On January 9, 2010

Touring is always an interesting affair. The shows, the fans, the pay, the food, the buzzing in the car, the buzzing in your ear, all can wear on you. So to help… Read More


Your 2010 Music Goals

By On January 4, 2010

Since it’s the new year, why not talk about music goals for the year? I thought this post could be a spot where people could comment their goals for the year as… Read More

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