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#Facebook Reminds Us To Act Now! #changes

By On February 29, 2012

Have you heard about the Facebook Page changes? They are pretty big. You are no longer master of your landing page domain…. You see, in a surprise move Facebook now has control… Read More

Digital Music

Bandcamp Gets A Facebook App

By On October 27, 2011

If you’re a Bandcamp user then you’ll probably enjoy this bit of news; Bandcamp is now offering a Facebook app/widget/plugin. Yay! The Bandcamp Facebook app puts all the functionality and content of… Read More

Digital Music

Sell Your Music On Facebook via The #CDBaby MusicStore

By On October 7, 2011

It seems that every year CD Baby is around they make their products better and better. Their latest announcement about their one stop music shop is no different. With this little Facebook plugin you… Read More

Digital Music

Big Cartel Releases Facebook App

By On October 5, 2011

We’re fans of Big Cartel. They’ve been consistent and good at what they do for a long while now. There are definitely many other stores and apps that you could use with your band’s… Read More


How The New Facebook Changes Could Be Good For Bands

By On October 3, 2011

The new Facebook Timeline is coming, or already here, depending on who you know. This will obviously cause much outcry from friends, but the new Facebook could be a good thing for… Read More


Do Facebook Likes Represent Your Fanbase? The Sheepdog’s Haters Think So

By On September 8, 2011

Lordy are we still arguing over this? It appears that there are still a few people who are choked about the whole The Sheepdogs win the cover of the Rolling Stone thing. Alex… Read More


Facebook Music Details Revealed

By On June 20, 2011

Not too long ago there were reports that Spotify and Facebook were teaming up for something big. Now we’ve learned some of the details of their partnership that has/will result in Facebook music. GigaOM… Read More


Facebook Plants Stories About Google: A Reminder To Convert Likes To Email Subscribers

By On May 13, 2011

It appears that the rumors about Facebook and Google are true. They really don’t like each other. In fact recently: Facebook hired a prominent public relations firm to try to plant stories… Read More


More Proof Email Lists Are Your Golden Ticket

By On January 17, 2011

2010 went out as a very big year for Facebook. Zuckerberg had the year’s best movie made about him, was on the cover of time magazine, and talked with Barbara Walters which… Read More


3 Step Facebook Band Landing Pages

By On January 4, 2011

Facebook has been busy building a lot of new features. For bands it’s still not the one stop shop that MySpace used to be, but it’s getting closer. One feature you should… Read More

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