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Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc: Modest Mouse Shows You How To Take Over America

By On April 26, 2013

Modest Mouse is a band that you probably already love. The Lonesome Crowded West is an album you probably already love. But if you’re wondering how a band goes about taking over… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc – Inventing David Geffen

By On November 23, 2012

OMG WATCH THIS! Watch Inventing David Geffen on PBS. See more from American Masters. Music Consciousness Voyno… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

RZA Spills Some Of His Wu-Wisdom #WATCH

By On November 2, 2012

You know about RZA right? Wu-Tang Clan leader, rapper, producer, storyteller and now director, RZA, has been running the right game from the beginning of his career. Focusing on his artistry from day… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc – Music and the Psychedelic Mind

By On October 26, 2012

We’ve written about how important drugs have been for artists over the years, especially for The Beatles, but we’ve never seen a Doc explore that world that was well produced. But now… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Documentary: Lemmy

By On February 10, 2012

If you don’t have netflix I’ve found a streaming copy of Lemmy. The story of Motorhead’s front man and only original member, Lemmy. Watch live streaming video from iguanarock at Music Consciousness… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc: Born Into This – Charles Bukowski

By On January 20, 2012

Born Into This isn’t so much a music documentary as more of a poet documentary. It tells the life of Charles Bukowski, who’s one of my favourite poets. The guy is so real,… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Flick – Foo Fighters – Back And Forth #watch

By On December 16, 2011

I love the Foo Fighters. How can you not? Have you seen Dave Grohl live? He’s adorable. Although the I’m not the same fan that I was when I first got Color and… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc: Kings Of Leon Talihina Sky #watch

By On December 9, 2011

For those that give a care, Talihina Sky is the documentary about the Kings Of Leon. You can watch it here. Or below…perhaps. Music Consciousness Voyno  … Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc: Pearl Jam Twenty #watch

By On November 11, 2011

Yes, yes, yes, Saaaaweet. I’ve just stumbled upon the new Pearl Jam documentary by Cameron Crowe called Pearl Jam Twenty. It chronicles the band’s twenty years together. Did I mention it’s free and streaming below? Awesome. Happy Remembrance day.… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Watch: Phoenix Documentary ‘From A Mess To The Masses’

By On October 18, 2011

Phoenix had a huge few years with the succes of their awesome album Wolfgang Amadeuz Phoenix, and now we have a documentary that followed the band around for a year: set out… Read More

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