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Teasing Equals Amplified Anticipation

By On May 23, 2009

So let’s say you’re an artist who has developed a fanbase through online promotion and touring.  You’re still stuck on making an album even though you’ve read The New Rockstar Philosophy book… Read More

Digital Music

First Impression Evolution

By On May 19, 2009

Voyno made a good point about first impressions in the last post.  He eluded to it, but the one point I wanted to make clear was that you don’t have to have… Read More

Digital Music

Classified-Making The Album Worth Buying

By On May 14, 2009

Classified is a Canadian emcee. I recently read an article about his new album and his strategy to increase interest in the album. You remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series… Read More

Digital Music

Guns N' Roses Manager Interview

By On May 7, 2009

Passion plus talent….You can’t go wrong. – Andy Gould Came across a vid interview with Andy Gould, manager of Guns N’ Roses. Aside from his firm belief that Chinese Democracy is a… Read More

Hit Song Breakdown

Hit Song Breakdown: No Woman No Cry

By On January 7, 2009

Vincent Tata Ford, the human being credited to writing No Woman, No Cry has died. I doubt that many major news outlets will cover this story, but I would argue that out… Read More

Hit Song Breakdown

Hit Song Breakdown: Pride – U2

By On November 17, 2008

Recently I have become obsessed about looking into the mind set of some my favourite artists. What inspired them? How did they solve the obstacles all musicians face? How and why did… Read More

Digital Music

Hit Song Breakdown: Yellow – Coldplay

By On June 9, 2008

On this weeks Hit Song Breakdown we tackle Coldplay’s inaugural hit: Yellow This song is the reason Coldplay are the biggest band in the world. Their first single “Trouble” was well received… Read More

Hit Song Breakdown

Hit Song Breakdown: Umbrella – Rihanna

By On April 10, 2008

What makes a hit song work? why do some song have all the elements but never break anywhere? why is mmmmmbop stuck in my head????? why am I asking all these questions?… Read More

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