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Live Show

5 Things Musicians Should Know Before Applying To Music Festivals

By On April 8, 2014

I’ve had the good fortune to help organize a few amazing music festivals recently and after seeing the artist applications come in, I thought I’d write this list to make a musicians… Read More

Live Show

How To Play More House Concerts #GetBooked

By On December 6, 2012

  Connecting directly with fans is the name of the game for musicians in the digital age.  House concerts are the apex of that idea. Playing a show in the home of… Read More

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Guarantee Success of Your Concert With EventTilt #crowdsource

By On September 18, 2012

Crowd sourcing is a great idea for those with a committed fanbase. It doesn’t always work perfectly but when it does it can be quite amazing. Typically crowd sourcing has been used to fund an… Read More

Live Show

Make Friends With Soundmen / Soundpeople #toughshit

By On July 18, 2012

I realize that Soundmen / Soundpeople can be difficult to work with on occasion. Look at it from their perspective, they’ve had to listen to years of horrible bands, with horrible egos,… Read More

Live Show

UK / EU Music Scene Tips From Shain Shapiro

By On May 7, 2012

Most of the time (when Stephen Harper is not destroying our country) I’m really proud to be a Canadian. I’m especially  proud of our Canadian music scene. Many talented and hard working… Read More

Live Show

3 Thoughts Before Approaching Music Festivals

By On April 29, 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a tasty festival this year called MoSo. I’ve had some input on the selection of the bands and I’ve got to see the how’s… Read More

Live Show

House Concerts For Big Fans #fanbase

By On February 21, 2012

This weekend I attended a sweet house concert. This had full on bands, great food, and even better people. The whole experience gave me the sense of community within a musical scene. This is… Read More

International Book Tour

Cover Songs Unite

By On November 22, 2011

It is amazing how much music can unite people. Traveling around the world only proves that. Even though you and your new friends may not speak the same language, a round of… Read More

Live Show

Austra Shows Us The Beauty Of Acoustic Performance #Videos

By On November 18, 2011

Austra are a rather new Canadian band who are doing everything right. Especially when it comes to their songs. They’ve been gaining heat for some time now and in 2011 they were… Read More

Live Show

Jeff Magnum Plays #OccupyWallStreet

By On October 5, 2011

More and more artists are joining this epic struggle. Radiohead missed their chance, but the reclusive indie superstar Jeff Magnum took to the streets yesterday: Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum surprised the… Read More

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