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How To Create Hype For A Hit Song In 2012

By On September 6, 2012

The New York Times’s Ben Sisaro wrote a really interesting piece about the ‘Call Me Maybe’ phenomenon. The ubiquitous hit that has been meme-ified via the countless fan vids, which has been very important to the… Read More


How To Make A Cover Album Work With Your Band’s Image #selton

By On August 29, 2012

Here at The New Rockstar Philosophy we’re big fans of Cover albums. Elvis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, all started their careers with cover albums. They are a solid investment of… Read More


Look To Local Business For Band Sponsorships

By On July 13, 2012

In the last 4 months my world has been taken over by sponsorship. The concept, while not new, has become a focal point for many of my projects and what I’ve learned… Read More


Create Events Off Facebook, Sell Pop Up Merch #Checkthis

By On July 4, 2012

If you haven’t listened to our New Rockstar Philosophy Podcast yet, then number six is a good one to hop in on. Other than some great tunes from across the globe, @Dejong… Read More


How To Launch A Successful Music Festival – MoSo Fest 2012

By On June 20, 2012

If you’ve noticed a lack or updates to the New Rockstar Philosophy lately it’s primarily been caused by MoSo Fest. Shortly after coming home from SXSW I was asked to head up… Read More


Flavors.Me Adds Songkick To Kick More Ass

By On June 8, 2012

It’s no secret that I have a raging erection…for The templated website service is slick, stylish, and CRAZY EASY TO USE. Bandcamp, Facebook Pages, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube are all integrated into… Read More

Cloud Music

Bandsoup Helps You Spread Your Music

By On May 22, 2012

Here at the New Rockstar Philosophy we’re always looking for new tools and resources that musicians can add to their arsenal and connect with more fans. Recently I saw that one of… Read More


Make Connections Outside Of Music

By On April 25, 2012

In the New Rockstar Philosophy Book we have a good section on making friends. The more you get into this industry the more you realize how important making friends is. But making connections outside… Read More


New Formula: Great Song + Great Video = Success

By On April 19, 2012

Maybe it’s not so new, but now it seems that EVERYONE  has got the message… like Lana Del Rey’s label who didn’t want to release Video Games, the hugely successful single, that… Read More


Cash Music Could Be Your New Best Friend #musictools

By On March 5, 2012

Rarely do I become this excited about a new set of tools for musician. Cash Music is a nonprofit Portland based organization that sounds very interesting. You see Cash Music is set… Read More

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