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Music Business Commentary

Music Business Commentary

What 5G Could Mean for the Music Industry

By On January 29, 2016

It may be a new technology, but 5G is on its way and when it arrives it will bring with it faster data transfer speeds, real-time connections, and interconnected devices. This will… Read More

Music Business Commentary

There Is No Such Thing As A One Hit Wonder Anymore #internet

By On September 24, 2012

Kreayshawn is an artist that deftly used the internet, her colourful personality, an active web presence, and one smash hit song “Gucci, Gucci”+ video to create a career that had her fighting for… Read More

Music Business Commentary

If You Build It… Nobody Gives A Shit #festivals

By On July 16, 2012

About once a year I watch a well meaning music festival launch and fail spectacularly. I’m sure you’ve heard of similar such events in your city. For some reason there is a… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Learn How To Build Hype via Bloc Party #teaser

By On June 26, 2012

Bloc party are set to release their fourth album and they’ve started to hype the record. They’ve leaked the album artwork, the tour dates, the track listing and a tasty album teaser.… Read More

Music Business Commentary

The Most Important Part Of Your Music Team

By On March 27, 2012

During SXSW I met with many people. Publishers, bloggers, artists, and film makers, yet arguably the most important piece of the music industry puzzle that I met with were the music managers. I was lucky… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Don’t See Any Royalties? Release The Album For Free

By On February 27, 2012

I bet I could do a daily post about bands getting screwed by shit labels. The other day it was Outasight and today it’s Paper Lions. When I first was introduced to… Read More

Music Business Commentary

What Career Do You Want? Major Label vs Independent #musicians

By On February 24, 2012

Have you heard of the artist Outasight? I hadn’t until I saw him featured in a Rolling Stone article about artists to watch in 2012. He presents a classic problem of a… Read More

Music Business Commentary

There Is No Ceiling In The Music Industry #momoney

By On February 8, 2012

Have you read TechDirt’s The Sky Is Rising report yet? It’s proves what we at The New Rockstar Philosophy have been saying for years; The music business is doing very well… it just takes… Read More


Are Musicians Fighting Back? #venue vs #musicians

By On January 25, 2012

In the past few days I’ve seen a few pieces of content floating around on my social networks that both point to the same thing; Music is important, and musicians should be… Read More

International Book Tour

The Life of an Italian Indie Band: Selton

By On January 11, 2012

Selton is one of my favorite Brazillian-Italian bands. We met and partied with these dudes on our International Book Tour stop in Milan, Italy. Wow. It’s already been almost two months we were… Read More

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