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Music Career

Five Questions To Ask When Hiring A Musician

By On November 1, 2019

While many blogs have explored the topic of what a client should be doing when looking to hire musicians for a live engagement, far less is available on the subject of booking… Read More

Music Career

Pick An Original Band Name Or Suffer The Consequences – w AUTOPILOT

By On September 3, 2019

It’s hard enough keeping a band together, motivated, co-ordinating schedules, studio time, gigs, and lest we forget making MUSIC. It’s hard enough doing all of those things and now, because you’re a… Read More

Music Career

4 Ways to Make Money While Playing Cello

By On August 30, 2019

4 Ways to Make Money While Playing Cello At some point in your career as a musician, you may have thought to yourself if there’s any way that you can earn a… Read More

Music Career

10 Ways to Kill Stage Fright

By On December 21, 2017

Guest Post By: Julie Nagel author of  “Melodies of the Mind”and “Managing Stage Fright: A Guide for Musicians and Music Teachers” Understandably, anxious performers wish they could get rid of performance anxiety –… Read More

Music Career

The Absolute Cheapest and Best Way To Get Your Music On Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora + more.

By On April 6, 2017

In close conversations with my artist friends for the past six months I have been asking them “Have you heard of DistroKid?” Currently DistroKid is the absolute best way to get your… Read More

Music Career

Song Stories Connect

By On March 19, 2017

Everyone has a song that hit them at that perfect time. Encapsulating what they were going through, helping them understand their world. Kyle Bylin explores these issue with his new book Song… Read More


Why and How You Should Use Live Streaming To Build Your Audience

By On August 3, 2016

I have been impressed by how culturally relevant live streaming has become. Facebook is doubling down on live streaming, YouTube, Twitter, and more are all pushing, or starting to push users to… Read More

Music Career

Be A Musician Vlogger Not Just A Musician

By On July 25, 2016

Have you heard the news? Views don’t matter on YouTube as much as watch time and channel subscriptions. [Link] The more videos on YouTube the more potential for more views, the more… Read More

Music Career

Learn Everything About The Music Industry With These 3 BBC Docs

By On February 10, 2016

Watch this: Watch this: Then this: You’re welcome PS. OBVS YOU MUST MAKE TRANSCENDENT MUSIC FIRST.… Read More

Music Career

IMAGE NOTICE: Man Buns Are Making You Bald

By On September 27, 2015

Considering how hip man buns are, especially amongst my musician friends, I think it’s good to know about this: Acute baldness around the forehead and temples, is a direct result of hairstyles that… Read More

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