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Cloud Music

More File Sharing Sites Go Down #UPDATE

By On January 24, 2012

Recently we wrote about how SOPA or no SOPA many file sharing sites were either being taken down or blocking US residents. The list was getting pretty long and unfortunately we can add a… Read More


Next Big Sound Shows Us The State Of Online Music In 2011

By On January 18, 2012

Our friends over at Next Big Sound have just released a ton of information on the state of online music in 2011. Unsurprisingly it’s doing very well. Numbers are up everywhere (even… Read More

Music Industry News

Sunday Scare Tactics: Anti-Piracy Company Pirates Their Theme Song

By On December 4, 2011

After just returning from Amsterdam earlier this week, it’s interesting to find their music scene on the international spotlight. No, it’s not because of their music, but because Anti-piracy group BREIN is caught up in… Read More

Cloud Music

Did Coldplay’s Anti-Streaming Strategy Work? #Calledit

By On November 2, 2011

Of course Coldplay’s anti-streaming strategy worked. Duh. I wrote about this recently when the world first learned that Coldplay won’t be giving their album to Spotify, Rdio, and other such streaming sites. It was… Read More

Music Industry News

Pitchfork Creates Multi-Media Festival: #Forms

By On October 12, 2011

If you’re in New York, February 1st to 4th, I suggest you check out the new multi-media festival Pitchfork is putting on: Forms celebrates and explores the interconnected and growing worlds of… Read More

Band Politics

Hear Metallica And Lou Reed’s Lulu #Preview

By On September 19, 2011

Talk about career reinvention. You’ve heard that Lou Reed and Metallica are working together on what Lou Reed is calling “the best thing ever done by anyone, ever“… right? The record is called… Read More


Lil Wayne Accused Of Buying His Own CDs – #HatersGunnaHate

By On September 8, 2011

I thought I was seeing things when I read that Lil Wayne had been accused of boosting the numbers on his nearly Platinum selling record Tha Carter IV (iTunes). But it appears… Read More

Music Industry News

Can The Winnipeg Jets Stop Nickelback? #toomuch #radioplay

By On September 2, 2011

Let me go on record saying that I RESPECT Chad Kroeger for how good he is at writing hit “songs” that are smashed into your head with the ferocity and subtleness of… Read More

Music Industry News

HMV Canada Sells For A 24 Pack Of Beer And A Rush DVD #MusicNews

By On June 27, 2011

As a teenager growing up in Canada, HMV was always a CD store you could count on to have a decent selection of music. I haven’t bought music there for a long time, but… Read More

Music Industry News

Music Week Review: Band Tips, New Thinking, and A Swell Visualization

By On February 13, 2011

In case you missed any of our top shelf articles this week, here’s the top 5 that you need to read: How To Take Your Local Band National: After catching an article about… Read More

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