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How Much Longer Until Bands Have To Make 360 Videos?

By On September 28, 2015

You’ve heard the news: Facebook has announced that it will begin rolling out 360-degree videos… Star Wars, GoPro, Saturday Night Live are… When watching 360-videos on desktop, viewers can drag their cursor around a… Read More

Music Marketing

How To Do Record Promo via Arcade Fire

By On September 11, 2013

Are you as stoked as I am for the new Arcade Fire? The first single has classic written all over it. Speaking of hype have you kept up with any of the… Read More

Live Show

3 Thoughts Before Approaching Music Festivals

By On April 29, 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a tasty festival this year called MoSo. I’ve had some input on the selection of the bands and I’ve got to see the how’s… Read More

Music Marketing

5 Tips For Changing Your Band Name

By On March 19, 2012

Recently I helped my friends change their band name. They’d been playing locally for about a year and quickly developed a solid and dedicated fanbase. But unfortunately the name had to be changed. Not only… Read More

Music Marketing

SXSW 2012 Day 5 – Don’t Hand Me Free Music

By On March 16, 2012

I understand the temptation. You’re a young and hungry band at SXSW and you have thousands upon thousands of music fans and industry folks streaming down 6th street and the neighbouring blocks… Read More


Remixes Are Good For Your Career – #DJShadow Bump

By On January 23, 2012

Remixes are good for your career. The right remix can lift your career onto the international level. Like my buddy Economics. Economics is a musical project that has some big fans…… like DJ… Read More

Instant Inspiration

Destroy The Struggling Artist Mentality

By On January 5, 2012

I came across this great web show series where renowned photographer Chase Jarvis interviews various characters and talks photography.  It’s a great little series and he’s developed quite the following. Geared towards photographers, a musician can… Read More

Music Marketing

The Image Of Amy Winehouse

By On December 5, 2011

While we were in Italy giving one of our many talks I made a comment saying that “Talent alone is not enough.” One person took issue with that statement saying that he… Read More

Cloud Music

Did Coldplay’s Anti-Streaming Strategy Work? #Calledit

By On November 2, 2011

Of course Coldplay’s anti-streaming strategy worked. Duh. I wrote about this recently when the world first learned that Coldplay won’t be giving their album to Spotify, Rdio, and other such streaming sites. It was… Read More


Artist and Brand: Florence + The Machine and Piaget Watches

By On October 11, 2011

Just heard the new single from Florence + the Machine’s new album and totally into it.  It’s a great tune that’s turned me on to the artist. I’ve heard her name before… Read More

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