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The Importance of 3rd Party Validation of Your Music

By On September 26, 2011

As an artist you want to get your music out there even if you’re against marketing/capitalism. You want people to hear and dig what you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this… Read More

Music Marketing

How To Create Your Band’s Own Mixtape

By On August 21, 2011

I have been thinking about Mixtapes for bands for a while now. Hip hop artists make mixtapes all the time. Sometimes it’s all original content, but quite often it’s remixed hits of today. They… Read More

Music Marketing

Showcase Your Hit Song With Viinyl

By On August 18, 2011

I’ve been meaning to write about Viinyl for a while. The site is a interesting idea that can work for any musicians who’s looking to add something special to a song that they’re actively promoting. “Viinyl… Read More

Music Marketing

Portraying an Image YouTube Style

By On June 17, 2011

I’ve been following Ryan Leslie on and off for awhile now after being recommended by my R&B seeker friend.  I actually checked out his sunday morning set at Coachella. This guy built… Read More


Infographic On Crowdsourcing

By On May 26, 2011

We’ve been talking about crowdsourcing for a while now, but if you still have some questions then perhaps the infographic below will help you (click on it to make it bigger). It’s… Read More


SXSW 2011: Power Of Video

By On March 20, 2011

SXSW 2011 is behind us now but what an awesome, albeit exhausting 9 days. We were at a music video panel where the topic was creating great content on the cheap. On the… Read More

Music Marketing

Shorter Is Better – Britney Spears Pwns YouTube With 5 Second Clips

By On February 16, 2011

The Britney Spears hype machine has been working over time since January in preparation for Britney’s new album. One of the strategies has been very simple and successful; Create short 5 second teasers for her… Read More

Music Marketing

Fan Christmas Gifts Always A Good Idea: Gorillaz & Yeasayer

By On December 25, 2010

Everyone likes getting gifts and fans are no different. Sending out a free live record, a collection of b-sides, or a whole brand new record is another reason for your fans to remember… Read More


Deadmau5 Talks Band Merch & Touring

By On December 8, 2010

It seems like every time I hear about Deadmau5 it’s because he’s getting bigger and bigger. The elctro house dj is on his grind. Touring so hard that he collapsed earlier this year.… Read More


The Power Of A Trusted Recommendation: Pixies Interpol Case Study

By On October 20, 2010

A quick follow up to our story a few days ago about Pixies and Interpol sharing/independently sending/hyping each others bands on their respective email lists. Well whatever you want to call the experiment, it appears… Read More

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