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Digital Music

NIN Releases Fan Created Album

By On March 2, 2009

Oh Mr. Reznor, how the internet loves thee. As most of you know, Nine Inch Nails are at the forefront of the new music economy. A few weeks ago at Midem, Mike… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Faith No More is Reuniting

By On February 26, 2009

I used to read Sports Illustrated from front to back. They had this entertaining little snippet that was called Sign Of The Apocalypse. In it, they would reveal a little known fact… Read More


Music Industry Associations World Wide

By On February 19, 2009

Are you a part of a music industry association? I have been a member of my local and national music industry associations for about 4 years. I joined them because I knew… Read More


Music Success in 9 Weeks – Review

By On February 2, 2009

Music Success in Nine Weeks! What an audacious claim indeed. Music Success in 9 weeks is a music business book that lays out a 9 week plan for world domination…well, not necessarily… Read More

Digital Music

Rock Music is a Cultural Wasteland

By On February 1, 2009

Rock music has become culturally insignificant. I’m watching the Superbowl pre-game circle jerk and I stare in amazement. Old men pretending to be Rock’n’Roll. Bruce Springsteen claiming that his band in 1978… Read More

Music Career

Artistic Evolution: Kanye West!?

By On December 16, 2008

When Kanye West released his first single from his new album many people scoffed and took out their sharpest carving knives. You could count me among them. I was not a fan… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Copyright Hype: Indie Pool

By On December 1, 2008

Recently there has been some net chatter about Copyrighting your songs. My friends have asked me, “What’s the deal?” So here’s my take: Copyrighting is a different beast then it used to… Read More

Digital Music

Pizza Hut Takes on The Music Business

By On November 12, 2008

  I recently discovered that Pizza Hut, of all companies, is entering the music business! Yes, that’s right. is partnering with Pizza Hut to offer 75 free downloads with each online… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Connecting With People: Brett Dennen

By On November 4, 2008

  So I check certain artists on myspace on a regular basis to see if there’s anything new. I never check official sites, because all I really need to know is already… Read More

Digital Music

Reaching New Audiences with YouTube

By On November 3, 2008

I found this on digg. [youtube=] I think it’s great fun. This style of guitar playing is something that I have been gravitating to recently. But what drew me to this article… Read More

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