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SNL Recap: Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, and Jeff Beck Join Mick Jagger For Rolling Stones Classics

By On May 20, 2012

Being from Canada I find that it’s often difficult to judge just how big home-grown talent has become. I know the Arcade Fire headline festivals and win awards around the world but… Read More


SNL Recap: Sleigh Bells Give Us Eye Candy

By On February 19, 2012

For many bands, the visual aesthetic is typically given little thought. Watching Sleigh Bells shows you how simple, classic, and powerful a well tailored band image can be. They’re not reinventing the… Read More


SNL Recap: Bon Iver Plays Beth/Rest and Holocene #watch

By On February 5, 2012

Recently Lana Del Rey provided everyone with an example of what not to do on SNL. This week Bon Iver showed us exactly what to do. His massive band played the awesome songs Holocene… Read More


SNL Recap: Lana Del Rey #video

By On January 15, 2012

Never has the hype come so quickly as it has for Lana Del Rey. Within a few months she went from releasing one video on YouTube to playing the last night’s Saturday… Read More


SNL Recap: Coldplay Bring Paradise and Waterfall To Saturday Night Live

By On November 13, 2011

Coldplay and their amazing colorful set hit Saturday Night Live recently with Emma Stone hosting. Catch the musical performances below. Paradise: Waterfall: Music Consciousness Voyno… Read More


SNL Recap: Drake + Nicki Minaj Storm Saturday Night Live

By On October 16, 2011

Drake killed it on Saturday Night Live last night. He brought his Young Money crew member Nicky Minaj and also appeared in the digital short and the weekend update. Check it out… Read More


SNL Recap – Watch Radiohead Perform Lotus Flower & Staircase

By On September 25, 2011

Alec Baldwin got to host Saturday Night Live for the record 16th time with the Godheads Radiohead. As expected, it was awesome. Lotus Flower: Staircase: Music Consciousness Voyno… Read More


SNL Recap: Paul Simon Plays So Beautiful Or So What

By On May 15, 2011

Paul Simon and his guitar attack came back to Saturday Night Live with songs from his 2011 album “So Beautiful Or So What”. I haven’t heard much from his newest release but… Read More


SNL Recap: The Foo Fighters Come Back

By On April 10, 2011

The Foo Fighters are back…if you hadn’t noticed. The New Rockstar Philosophy got a chance to see a sneak peek of their entertaining documentary last month at SXSW and the band appears… Read More


SNL Recap: The Strokes Make Their Money Comeback

By On March 6, 2011

The good news with last night’s Strokes performance was that it got better. At the beginning you must admit that they did look like washed up rock stars.. and not in the good way.… Read More

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