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SNL Recap: Chris Brown Returns

By On February 13, 2011

Everyone’s favourite wifey beater was back on SNL with his new songs and new swag. I wonder, after two years will everyone forgive Chris Brown now? With these his Dr.Luke (Kesha, Cruz,… Read More


SNL Recap: Linkin Park & Mike Myers

By On February 6, 2011

Linkin Park are back on their grind and 10 years after the Nu-metal revolution I am still amazed that these guys made it out unscathed. That’s what happens when you’re able to… Read More


SNL Music Recap: Nicki Minaj + Mark Zuckerberg

By On January 30, 2011

Saturday Night Live brought Nicki Minaj this week. But what was even more interesting was that Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance as Jesse Eisenberg, from The Social Network fame, was hosting. Let’s hope Zuckerberg… Read More


SNL Recap: Cee-Lo Storms Saturday Night Live

By On January 16, 2011

Once again Cee-Lo brings his huge personality to your screens. Acting, singing, and being that Lady Killer persona at every moment. This guy’s smile is almost as infectious as his music. Check… Read More


SNL Recap: The Black Keys Clean Up With Jim Carrey

By On January 9, 2011

The Black Keys are enjoying a tremendous swell of momentum in the early part of this year. They’ve sold a lot of records (vinyl) and have been tapped to be on a… Read More


SNL Recap: Eminem & Lil Wayne Make Your Sunday Complete

By On December 19, 2010

Last night Saturday Night Live brought Eminem and Lil Wayne together for a huge holiday performance. Together with babe’o’the year Blake Lively in a digital short and Jeff Bridges hosting SNL made… Read More


SNL Recap: Paul McCartney Makes Paul Rudd’s Life

By On December 13, 2010

Paul McCartney was on SNL and brought the heat. Paul Rudd had the honor of hosting the night where Macca played five songs: Jet, Band On The Run, A Day In The Life, Give… Read More


SNL Music Recap: Diddy, or P.Diddy, or Ditty-Dirty Money

By On December 5, 2010

Remember the mid to late 90s? Those were good years for Puff Daddy as he was known then. Mase and Diddy had a string of hits that ruled the world, or at… Read More


SNL Music Recap: Florence and the Machine

By On November 21, 2010

This band is taking off in big ways. I guess lamestream news media still has power. Who knew? After a stirring VMA performance, Florence and the Machine, have now been asked to… Read More

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