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Social Media

What is Meerkat and How Can Artists Use Meerkat?

By On March 17, 2015

Attention. Attention. There is a new social network that will probably become another important part of your band’s social media arsenal. Meerkat! What is Meerkat: A live-streaming app that took Austin by storm this… Read More

Social Media

New Rockstar Philosophy at MoSo2013

By On June 13, 2013

The New Rockstar Philosophy tour continues. This time we’re in our hometown of Saskatoon, Canada at MoSoConf2013. We’re happy to not only be a part of a speaking session for attendees but… Read More

Social Media

New Rockstar Philosophy. Also On Tumblr.

By On February 26, 2012

We’ve been talking about Tumblr for more than two years but we hadn’t hooked up an NRP Tumblr because we thought we wouldn’t have anything cool to post…  But it turns out… Read More

Social Media

This Is My Jam Now Open To The Public #music #curation

By On February 9, 2012

I’ve been part of This Is My Jam for a few months now. The always brilliant Chris Dahlen, sent me a beta invite and I’ve been  putting up a new track every… Read More

Social Media

How A Folk Music Collector Ends Up On A Jay-Z Record

By On September 4, 2011

As you can see from the photo above the world of the sample can be a long and winding one. Ethan Hein created a step-by-step explanation of how Alan Lomax is credited… Read More

Social Media

Old Tricks On New Social Media Networks #Evolve

By On August 30, 2011

It looks as though the tricks of the MySpace glory days are STILL being used by some bands today. The only difference is that the social network has changed. This type of… Read More

Social Media

No Record Needed For Odd Future On Fallon, Just QR Codes

By On February 18, 2011

You may have missed the most important part of Odd Future‘s (soon to be legendary) Jimmy Fallon performance. It happened near the very beginning, way before the duo’s schizophrenic rap performance. Normally… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Forget Major Labels: You Want To Be Signed With Major Web Media

By On February 7, 2011

On Sunday The Huffington Post was purchased by AOL for around $300 million dollars in a move for a bigger market share of the web for both parties. AOL is looking to… Read More


More Proof Email Lists Are Your Golden Ticket

By On January 17, 2011

2010 went out as a very big year for Facebook. Zuckerberg had the year’s best movie made about him, was on the cover of time magazine, and talked with Barbara Walters which… Read More


50 Cent Makes Millions With Twitter & Penny Stocks

By On January 13, 2011

More than Hip Hop, film, or video games, it appears that 50 Cent‘s real talent lies in the world of Twitter. The guy is irresistible. He’s so eccentric that there’s a twitter account… Read More

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