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How To Get An Honest Opinion On Your Music

By On April 8, 2016

Your friends and family are great people. But they cannot be trusted when it comes to honest opinions about your music. They are coloring the truth, because they know and love you. They… Read More


Taylor Swift Apes Kurt Cobain And It Is Good

By On January 7, 2016

Looking forward to the next Ryan Adams Produced Taylor Swift record. RawknRoll. Kurt Cobain Apes Pixies And It Is Good.… Read More

Music Production

5 Reasons Why You Need A Producer For Your Record

By On March 13, 2014

It’s taken me a long time to learn this lesson. You need a producer for your record. I’m not saying  for EVERY record (but it couldn’t hurt). Why you should consider working… Read More

Digital Music

One Simple Tip That Could Get You More Song Placements

By On August 24, 2012

Let’s put this in the Derp category. THIS –> Music Supervisors might love your track but because vocals are such a distinctive part of your song they might be forced to choose someone… Read More

Instant Inspiration

Kanye West Talks Creativity & Artistic Vision

By On August 9, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m a Kanye fan boy. I called his reign on the top of the rap game since I first heard his production skills with Jigga. Those tracks were… Read More


Watch Hit Songwriter Benny Blanco Talk Songwriting

By On August 8, 2012

You may not necessarily enjoy pop hits like Dynamite, California Gurls, and Teenage Dream, but at the very least you must respect how massively they’ve connected with a huge number of people.… Read More


Dead Mothers Cause Superstar Artists

By On May 13, 2012

For whatever reason it seems as though musically inclined kids who’ve lost their mother at an early age develop a special talent in music, in both songwriting and performing. This being mothers day… Read More


Power Of One Song #Gotye

By On February 16, 2012

I have heard Somebody That I Used to Know by Australian artist Gotye a heck of a lot in the last few weeks. First it was this cover version that helped get… Read More

Music Production

Record An Album In 28 Days – Because You Can #RPM

By On January 29, 2012

I love February. Not because of Valentine’s Day or that we’re almost done winter. No, I love February because I get to participate in the RPM Challenge. The idea is a simple… Read More


Reminder: Steal From Other Musicians #MJ #HallandOats

By On January 4, 2012

The TIL (Today I Learned) categorie on Reddit is a place of constant mind blowing facts like this one: According to Daryl Hall….Jackson approached him and admitted to lifting the bass line for “Billie Jean”… Read More

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