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50 Cent Makes Millions With Twitter & Penny Stocks

By On January 13, 2011

More than Hip Hop, film, or video games, it appears that 50 Cent‘s real talent lies in the world of Twitter. The guy is irresistible. He’s so eccentric that there’s a twitter account… Read More


Inspiration Time: Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey Is A New Rockstar

By On January 6, 2011

Too often today’s new rockstars fall into outdated cliches of what rockstars used to be. Drugs, jail, concealed guns, band squabbles, typical bullshit. This behavior is the exact opposite of what got them to… Read More

Digital Music

Twitter, iTunes and Ping Join Forces To Make You Buy More Music

By On November 11, 2010

Guess what?!! iTunes wants to make more money! Guess what?!! Twitter wants to start making money! Guess what?! Twitter, iTunes and the iTunes social network Ping have signed a deal to allow… Read More

Digital Music

How Musicians Can Use Next Big Sound – Understanding The Data

By On September 22, 2010

At The New Rockstar Philosophy we’re big fans of Next Big Sound.  Alex White and his team are building an essential tool for musicians who want to know more about their audience.… Read More


The Kanye West Social Media Strategy

By On August 24, 2010

Everybody’s favourite Mouthpiece, Kanye West, had a much publicized entrance into social media earlier this summer as he stormed onto Facebook to preform and Twitter to take over. Why would he be… Read More

Digital Music

Social Media for Bands Day

By On June 30, 2010

Greetings! Just a quick note today that over at Hypebot they are having “Social Media Day.” It’s a idea started at Mashable but Kyle and the Hypebot team have brought it to… Read More


Why Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are on Top

By On June 17, 2010

TechCrunch has a illuminating interview with two of the music industry’s big hitters; Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, and Justin Beibers manager Scooter Braun. I’d recommend you watch it below. It’s not a surprise that the managers… Read More


The New Rockstar Philosophy Book

By On April 2, 2010

Bump! Download the Beta version of The New Rockstar Philosophy! It’s 100% free. Here are the steps: Send an email to [email protected] with “Book” in the subject line You’ll get an confirmation… Read More

Digital Music

Top 3 Twitter Apps For Bands

By On October 30, 2009

Have you noticed that Twitter evolved to a new level recently? It’s not a news story that you have Twitter. Everyone does. But what this next level of Twitter is doing, is… Read More

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