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New MySpace For 2012/2013 #saywha?

By On September 25, 2012

Hmm… It looks pretty (Vimeo link)…. and Justin Timberlake is still very much involved but the biggest problem MySpace had in it’s declining years was how horrible it was to actually use. Have… Read More


Ok Go Set Up Musical Driving Course For New Video #watch

By On February 5, 2012

GOOD. LORD. –CDJ It seems that once you establish yourselves as a viral music video band, you’ve got to go bigger/more complicated and creative on each video to keep getting the hits.… Read More


From Failure to Hit Record: Fastball

By On December 23, 2011

If you were listening to the radio or watching MTV in 1997/98, you probably heard the band Fastball…a  lot.   You might not remember the band name but the song “The Way”… Read More

Music Career

Career Lesson from Paul McCartney-Play What The People Want

By On December 7, 2011

Paul McCartney is 69 years old. Paul McCartney is touring Europe and plays for approx 3 hours every night with a full band. Paul McCartney is 69 years old!! We were fortunate… Read More


New Rockstar Philosophy International Book Tour: Day 4 + Day 5

By On November 25, 2011

We arrived in Milan on Wednesday at Midnight, so essentially Thursday. We had one last full day in Amsterdam so we made the most of it and checked out the Cup.  We bid… Read More


The Weeknd: Turning a Model Casting Shoot into a Music Video

By On November 15, 2011

I recently got into The Weeknd, a Canadian R&B artist who’s got this incredibly moody/atmospheric/drugs vibe to his music.  Part of his image involves associating  himself with American Apparel style models and… Read More


SNL Recap: Coldplay Bring Paradise and Waterfall To Saturday Night Live

By On November 13, 2011

Coldplay and their amazing colorful set hit Saturday Night Live recently with Emma Stone hosting. Catch the musical performances below. Paradise: Waterfall: Music Consciousness Voyno… Read More

Music Career

5 Music Business Lessons From Butch Walker #hitsongs

By On November 3, 2011

Butch Walker has an enviable music career. Lead singer and songwriter for the one hit wonders Marvelous 3, he’s now moved on to become a songwriter for some huge artists (Katy Perry, Weezer, Pink). Recently Harper… Read More

Music Career

It’s Not Just What You Say. It’s Also How You Say It.

By On October 29, 2011

You’ve probably heard that comedy is all about delivery. Well timed punch lines delivered in a certain style of expression are what make comedians stand out and be funny. The same is… Read More


Rick Ross: The Ziggy Stardust of Hip Hop

By On October 21, 2011

It’s old news, but I just found Rick Ross was a cop before becoming a gansta’ rap star. That’s right, Mr. Boss was a correctional officer in the early 90’s.  Not quite… Read More

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