The New Rockstar Philosophy

Kickstarter And Indie Labels, A Natural Fit

By On June 20, 2016

Kickstarter is going deep on music. Having one of the most recognized brands on the internet they have revolutionized the creator market. They’ve helped change the way music and musicians create not… Read More


The Future of Social Media Belongs To Text Messaging

By On June 10, 2016

If you’re an artist with two million fans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but only get 2% engagement how useful are those tools? Wouldn’t it be better to have direct contact with… Read More


Sharpen Your Blues Rock Skills With These Superb Sites

By On May 5, 2016

  Are you learning to play blues rock on your guitar today? You are lucky! There are lots of resources on the web that you can count on to make the learning… Read More


How To Get An Honest Opinion On Your Music

By On April 8, 2016

Your friends and family are great people. But they cannot be trusted when it comes to honest opinions about your music. They are coloring the truth, because they know and love you. They… Read More


Fear Mongering And Old School Thinking Sour The 2016 Grammys #smh

By On February 16, 2016

lol. Recording Academy president Neil Portnow and Common used the Academy’s yearly time slot on the Grammys stage to hold the royalties paid out by streaming services over the coals. “When you… Read More

Music Career

Learn Everything About The Music Industry With These 3 BBC Docs

By On February 10, 2016

Watch this: Watch this: Then this: You’re welcome PS. OBVS YOU MUST MAKE TRANSCENDENT MUSIC FIRST.… Read More

Instant Inspiration

Watch The Timeless Wisdom Of Dave Grohl

By On February 4, 2016

Dave Grohl Shares The Conflict Faced by Every Musician Dave Grohl’s Advice to Aspiring Musicians Dave Grohl: “What Happened to Rock Bands?” Dave Grohl Proves You Don’t Need Lessons to Rock Dave… Read More

Music Business Commentary

What 5G Could Mean for the Music Industry

By On January 29, 2016

It may be a new technology, but 5G is on its way and when it arrives it will bring with it faster data transfer speeds, real-time connections, and interconnected devices. This will… Read More

Instant Inspiration

Watch Ice Drumming On Lake Baikal. Amazing

By On January 9, 2016

This drumming on ice at Lake Baikal in Siberia is amazing. New genre alert!… Read More


Taylor Swift Apes Kurt Cobain And It Is Good

By On January 7, 2016

Looking forward to the next Ryan Adams Produced Taylor Swift record. RawknRoll. Kurt Cobain Apes Pixies And It Is Good.… Read More

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