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How Twitter Is Evolving + What is Next For Artists?

By On November 4, 2015

Have you heard the news? Twitter has changed. Basically because it’s gotten big enough to attract a lot of different subcultures, and powerful enough that mainstream media listen to Twitter, people are… Read More

Music Industry News

Condé Nast Buys Pitchfork – What Does It All Mean?

By On October 13, 2015

Not to overstate it but the huge corporation Condé Nast buying Pitchfork Media is a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty big deal. One could argue that this deal will influence modern music and… Read More


How Much Longer Until Bands Have To Make 360 Videos?

By On September 28, 2015

You’ve heard the news: Facebook has announced that it will begin rolling out 360-degree videos… Star Wars, GoPro, Saturday Night Live are… When watching 360-videos on desktop, viewers can drag their cursor around a… Read More

Music Career

IMAGE NOTICE: Man Buns Are Making You Bald

By On September 27, 2015

Considering how hip man buns are, especially amongst my musician friends, I think it’s good to know about this: Acute baldness around the forehead and temples, is a direct result of hairstyles that… Read More

Instant Inspiration

And Now An Evolutionary Music Documentary by Ariel Kalma

By On September 22, 2015

Being in the Now while talking about the past… “Hear Ariel talk passionately about his music and its origins. It is truly academic and spiritual without the over analytical overcast. The fact… Read More

News Feed

Watch ALL 2015 Polaris Prize Performances HERE

By On September 22, 2015

Performances from Yesterday’s Polaris Prize. Videos will be updated throughout the day. Alvvays Viet Cong Buffy Sainte-Marie – WINNER Drake aka Braids Jennifer Castle The Full Show… Read More

Music Career

Viet Cong Are Changing Their Name And Following Our 5 Tips To Do It

By On September 21, 2015

Viet Cong are changing their name. After much controversy the Calgary band have decided to change it for their Polaris Prize showcase. A prestigious Canadian music award that they are favoured to… Read More

Music Career

Listen To Ryan Adams Cover Taylor Swift’s Entire 1989 album

By On September 21, 2015

Finally it’s here. The new Ryan Adams disc that consists of covers/reinterpretations of Taylor Swift’s huge record 1989. This is a good thing for both of these artists. Taylor gets to be… Read More

Music Career

DJs! Get More Gigs With GigWax

By On September 3, 2015

DJs, are you looking for gigs? Paid shows? Are you tired of networking the scene endlessly? Well that’s where Gigwax comes in.  Gigwax is the first ever platform that serves both DJ’s… Read More

Music Career

How To Increase Your Music Business Network in One Night – Hypebot NYC Meetup

By On July 9, 2015

Monday July 13 2015 at Passenger Bar in Brooklyn I will be co-hosting a Digital Music and Tech meetup with Cortney Harding for Good friends of ours for a loooooong time… Read More

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