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Music Marketing

How To Do Record Promo via Arcade Fire

By On September 11, 2013

Are you as stoked as I am for the new Arcade Fire? The first single has classic written all over it. Speaking of hype have you kept up with any of the… Read More

Instant Inspiration

How To Start A Music Scene In Your City

By On October 15, 2012

During Break Out West this year I had a chance to speak with Joel Baskin from SL Feldman and Associates and Chad Richardson the Creative Director of Ole. I got a ton… Read More


SNL Recap: Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, and Jeff Beck Join Mick Jagger For Rolling Stones Classics

By On May 20, 2012

Being from Canada I find that it’s often difficult to judge just how big home-grown talent has become. I know the Arcade Fire headline festivals and win awards around the world but… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Flick: Arcade Fire On The Wedge #Interview

By On June 24, 2011

At the risk of trying to out indie-cred everyone, let me just say that I was into Arcade Fire since their early years, and with all of their recent success, it’s great… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Who Tha Fuck Are Arcade Fire? Indie Is Still Indie

By On February 14, 2011

Right after I finished writing this article about the death of indie, the flat world, the promise that a great song can get you to the top, and indie being an irrelevant… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Indie Is Officially Dead: Arcade Fire Win Album Of The Year Grammy

By On February 14, 2011

Indie music, as a genre, and as an ethos, has been atrophying away in the last decade. You know as well as I do, that the rise of digital music has made… Read More


Top 5 Viral Music Videos Of 2010

By On December 16, 2010

1. Arcade Fire – Suburbs A joint venture with Google and Arcade Fire created the most innovative music video of the year. Yes, I ragged on it, but that’s because the significance… Read More

Music Industry News

Indie Success Arcade Fire Nominated For Album Of The Year

By On December 2, 2010

Big news people, Arcade Fire are nominated for a Grammy in the Album of the Year category for their record The Suburbs. Deservedly so, amazing songs, with current ideas and an electrifying live show.… Read More

Live Show

Sunday SNL Music Recap – Arcade Fire

By On November 14, 2010

My favourite band, Arcade Fire, played my favourite live TV show, Saturday Night Live, this weekend. Yay. I didn’t catch it live but the trusty ol’internet has got it. “We Used To… Read More


Arcade Fire Talk Songwriting, Touring, and Being An Indie Band

By On October 6, 2010

I saw Arcade Fire play live a few weeks ago. It was definitely one of the best shows of the year. The crowd was great, the band was electric, and the songs… Read More

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