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iPhone app Review

iPhone App Review For Musicians: 8mm Vintage Camera

By On January 25, 2011

Have you checked out the 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app? It’s a simple and easy way to make videos that have a definite retro style to them. Choose from 25 filters (!) with added… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Attention to Tone: Sloan to Sam Roberts

By On January 21, 2009

Yesterday I took in a concert by the Sam Roberts Band. I immediately noticed 2 things: The quality of the instruments played The choice of each instrument, amp, and effect I am… Read More

Music Career

Pemberton Festival!

By On July 30, 2008

This past weekend I attended the inaugural Pemberton Festival in Beautiful Pemberton British Columbia. 3 days of Camping, Parties, and Music. And although there were issues with Parking, Toilets, and Garbage, it… Read More

Digital Music

Spreading your music Beyond Myspace

By On July 16, 2008

I have exciting news. The musical troop that I am in (ArmsUp) has released our cover of “Where is my mind.” Although I blogged about it a few weeks ago this time… Read More

Music Business Commentary

The Importance of Balance – Mr.Cohen –

By On July 8, 2008

Recently I have had few minor epiphanies. Most of them have to do with the ways to present my own band to the world. Although Hoover and I are on the cutting… Read More

Digital Music

Ivana Santilli Needs a Crossover Hit

By On June 29, 2008

Last night I attended the SaskTel Jazz Festival. I managed to squeeze my way into an intimate show for Ivana Santilli. Ivana Santilli is a fantastic artist. She is talented, confident, charming,… Read More

Digital Music

The Merits of Cover Tunes

By On June 24, 2008

Today I got an email from my favorite music insider Bob Lefsetz. Usually I agree with everything this man has to say. Or at least mainly. But today he wrote this: If… Read More

Digital Music

Hit Song Breakdown: Yellow – Coldplay

By On June 9, 2008

On this weeks Hit Song Breakdown we tackle Coldplay’s inaugural hit: Yellow This song is the reason Coldplay are the biggest band in the world. Their first single “Trouble” was well received… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Showcasing: Was it worth it?

By On May 20, 2008

The band returned late Sunday night. Tired, but happy. NewMusicWest was over and it went by in a hot second. So now that the hangovers, time differences, and caked on sweat, has… Read More

Music Business Commentary

New Music West: Showcasing is it worth it?

By On May 13, 2008

Hey all, so my band ArmsUp, is showcasing at Pat’s Pub for New Music West. Although we’ve showcased for labels and agents before, this will be our first Festival Showcase. So what… Read More

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