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Music Production

Songwriting Means Getting Out Of The Way

By On August 17, 2011

I just finished Life by Keith Richards. Not surprisingly Richards talks about songwriting in a similar way as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. They all say that they’re not sure where their… Read More

Music Industry News

Bob Dylan Signs 6 Book Deal: Prepare For A Wisdom Dump

By On January 19, 2011

Best news ever! Bob Dylan, the greatest songwriter of the 20th century, has signed a 6 book deal with Simon & Schuster. This means we will have more wisdom like his great  2004… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc: Bob Dylan’s No Direction Home

By On January 7, 2011

This documentary will rock your world. Bob Dylan’s No Direction Home. Sit back and enjoy. Take Control of Your Music Voyno… Read More


Listen To Bob Dylan Develop As A Songwriter

By On October 14, 2010

Bob Dylan is my favorite songwriter of all time. The amount of talent he possessed and his relentless work ethic are unparalleled. Those things all combine on the newest old release Bob Dylan,… Read More

Live Show

Getting Gigs is About More Than Contacts

By On December 22, 2009

So our newest project is open to the public. You can now search for venues/contacts all across North America and you’ll find what your looking for. Hopefully you’ll be able to input… Read More

Music Career

The Beatles Are In The Top 10 Again

By On November 4, 2009

A friend of mine reminded me about The idea is that the website ranks and finds the most blogged, downloaded, and buzzed about music from all over the internet world. It’s… Read More

Music Business Commentary

How To Become Bob Dylan

By On July 27, 2009

“One thing for sure, not only was it (the world) not run by God, but it wasn’t run by the devil either” -Bob Dylan That’s the final line in Bob Dylan’s book… Read More

Music Business Commentary

When Is A Song Finished?

By On April 16, 2009

The demo had sounded effortless. Certainly it didn’t sound finished but what recording ever does? -Bob Dylan When is a song finished? Is it when the lyrics are completed? Is it when… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Music Meaning Vs Entertainment

By On March 24, 2009

In one way, music is a spectacle. You go to a live show, maybe just for the show itself. The music doesn’t really matter as long as you have a good time.… Read More

Music Career

Bob Dylan Chronicles Volume 1

By On March 9, 2009

I had no songs in my repertoire for commercial radio… songs were more important to me than just light entertainment. -Bob Dylan The thing I love most about Bob Dylan is that… Read More

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