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Digital Music

Rewriting, Reflecting, and Releasing

By On April 28, 2009

As we gear up to release The New Rockstar Philosophy Book, it made me reflect on how many times we re-wrote the book. We thought we’d have it done months ago. It’s… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Why Just One Album Cover ?

By On April 10, 2009

Thought to dwell on for the day. In the age of direct relationships between fans and artists, why aren’t multiple fan-created release covers more common? Let’s say you have some fans and… Read More

Digital Music The Cloud in the Sky

By On October 22, 2008, another music service which sells digital music is changing the game by offering 10 cent tunes. It has the blessing from the major labels and 170,000 indie labels according to Wired… Read More

Digital Music

BitTorrent: The Thoughts of Many Music Fans

By On October 13, 2008

Came across a new post on TorrentFreak about how newer artists are embracing BitTorrent and using it to spread their music instead of focusing on selling it. It’s a good read, but… Read More

Digital Music

You Buy Music????!!!

By On September 25, 2008

So I’m having dinner with some cousins who just came into town and the conversation about downloading and piracy comes up. I say I buy music only if I think the artist… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Taking on Obscurity: Embracing P2P

By On August 17, 2008

With the playing field levelling out, everyone and their Grandma can record a song and have it online. It used to be about trying to win-over the interest and attention of a label, but now… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Future of Music: Interview With Gerd Leonhard

By On August 13, 2008

Gerd Leonhard, co-author of The Future of Music was recently interviewed by The Downloader. If you haven’t heard of Gerd, you probably haven’t kept up with what’s going on with the digital… Read More

Digital Music

The End of Sony BMG

By On August 7, 2008

Song BMG is no more. The 4 year partnership/merger ended when Sony recently bought out BMG’s interest in the company for….. $1.2 Billion. With declining recorded music sales, you would think it’s a… Read More

Digital Music

Katy Perry: Album Sales Vs. Singles Sales

By On July 24, 2008

image credits: So you may have heard of this Katy Perry girl who’s being talked up because of her catchy single, “I kissed a girl”.  Apparently Perez got the buzz going… Read More

Digital Music

Entitlement and Sacrifice in Music Career

By On May 8, 2008

Our most entertaining music industry analyst, Bob Lefsetz, recently made a post on his infamous blog regarding sacrifice and entitlement. He is a bit harsh, but that’s Lefsetz’ personality. He tells it… Read More

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