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Coachella 2012

Coachella 2012 YouTube Preview of Artists: DAY THREE

By On January 22, 2012

Here is the DAY 3 YouTube preview for DAY THREE of Coachella 2012.  For DAY ONE, click HERE. For DAY TWO, click THERE. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg At the Drive-In Justice… Read More

International Book Tour

The Life of an Italian Indie Band: Selton

By On January 11, 2012

Selton is one of my favorite Brazillian-Italian bands. We met and partied with these dudes on our International Book Tour stop in Milan, Italy. Wow. It’s already been almost two months we were… Read More

Instant Inspiration

Destroy The Struggling Artist Mentality

By On January 5, 2012

I came across this great web show series where renowned photographer Chase Jarvis interviews various characters and talks photography.  It’s a great little series and he’s developed quite the following. Geared towards photographers, a musician can… Read More

International Book Tour

New Rockstar Philosophy International Book Tour: Day 2

By On November 20, 2011

So we make it into O’hare International Airport in Chicago last night and text Andy from We haven’t met the guy yet, but we’re staying at his place for the night.… Read More

Songwriting is Like Raising a Child

By On November 2, 2011

I was meditating on the process of song creation. From the spark that starts the creation to the endless back and forth edits that allow that spark to grow into a full… Read More Update

By On October 31, 2011

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you may have clicked through to our sister site,  The site was designed to help artists easily find venues around the… Read More

Music Business Commentary

We Won Best Indie Book of 2011 in Italy!

By On October 30, 2011

If you haven’t heard, The New Rockstar Philosophy was published in Italy a few weeks ago. Yes, it was translated and put into a real physical book. We were stoked that people… Read More


Random Lyric Tip: Strike a Nerve With Truth

By On September 8, 2011

There is something about a tune when a certain line uncovers a truth that relates to you on a very real deep level.  It’s as if its recognized all your masks and… Read More

Music Philosophy

Four Ideas To Induce Creativity

By On January 6, 2011

Creativity is a mystical force. Music is creation at its finest. You often hear famous songwriters talk about how the creative process is unpredicatble. The best songs just “arrive”. You could be… Read More

Cloud Music

What Google Music Will Mean For Artists, Publishers, and Indie Labels

By On October 18, 2010

The Guardian has some more info on Google Music, which launches very, very soon. For $25 a year, consumers will be able to store songs in the cloud and access them on any… Read More

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