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Google Changes The Face Of DIY Music #bignews

By On November 16, 2011

Did Google just become a huge player in the world of the DIY independent musician? …Google Music is shocking the industry with two giant prods: Google’s music cloud is free for up to 20,000 songs, and… Read More

Cloud Music

Google Music Will Probably Be Smarter Than Apple’s iCloud

By On June 15, 2011

I’ve been giving Google Music a hard time. That’s only because I thought that they’d have a lot more solved by now and perhaps they’ve at least solved one important issue. The… Read More

Digital Music

WATCH: Google Music Is Here! Kind Of…

By On May 10, 2011

First the good news: Google was able finally able to get their must hyped, then mostly forgotten about, cloud music service going! Yay. How does it work? As with Amazon Cloud Drive,… Read More

Cloud Music

Syncing Their Music Future: Google Buys Mobile Music Company

By On April 9, 2011

According to several sources Google has purchased Toronto-based PushLife, a company which allows people to easily sync their music collection between their PC  and mobile phones, including BlackBerry and Android devices. The big… Read More

Digital Music

If Steve Jobs Dies Do Musicians Lose?

By On January 18, 2011

I’ve heard that Jobs isn’t doing too well. I doubt death is on his doorstep, but like all of us, it can’t be too far away. I’m sure Steve Jobs, a person who’s… Read More

Cloud Music

Will Google Music Be A Shit Show?

By On December 21, 2010

2010 has been a rough year for Google. Not so much on the cash side, they still have oceans of that. No, 2010 was a rough year because of Google’s great promises… Read More

Cloud Music

Christmas is Ruined For Google Music

By On November 24, 2010

Wholly mackerel, if the reports are true then the world may not see Google Music for a while. According to Mashable Google isn’t getting what it needs from the Major Labels. Delays… Read More


Google Cloud Music Is Finally Here! . . If You Live In India

By On October 22, 2010

The wait is over. . . kinda. If you’re one of our many readers from India you’ll be able to find a new feature in your Google Labs. Thats right, Google Music… Read More

Cloud Music

What Google Music Will Mean For Artists, Publishers, and Indie Labels

By On October 18, 2010

The Guardian has some more info on Google Music, which launches very, very soon. For $25 a year, consumers will be able to store songs in the cloud and access them on any… Read More

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