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Music Production

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Talks How Brian Eno Produces Records

By On November 14, 2011

Coldplay are on their grind. They’ve been giving the mainstream media an all out assault and they’ve even gotten positive Pitchfork play…which is weird. Ryan Dombal had a nice chat with Chris Martin… Read More


SNL Recap: Coldplay Bring Paradise and Waterfall To Saturday Night Live

By On November 13, 2011

Coldplay and their amazing colorful set hit Saturday Night Live recently with Emma Stone hosting. Catch the musical performances below. Paradise: Waterfall: Music Consciousness Voyno… Read More

Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc: Pearl Jam Twenty #watch

By On November 11, 2011

Yes, yes, yes, Saaaaweet. I’ve just stumbled upon the new Pearl Jam documentary by Cameron Crowe called Pearl Jam Twenty. It chronicles the band’s twenty years together. Did I mention it’s free and streaming below? Awesome. Happy Remembrance day.… Read More

Digital Music

Vimeo Creates Music Store – How To Add Your Own Music

By On November 10, 2011

Have you heard about the Vimeo Music Store where you can legally license and purchase music to add to your Vimeo videos? This is big news because Vimeo is a popular site for stylish,… Read More

Instant Inspiration

What Musicians Can Learn From Yoda

By On November 7, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about Yoda’s famous quote, “Do or do not. There is no try” When I was younger I didn’t quite get it. I thought to myself, “You can… Read More


The Digital Archives #mixtape

By On November 6, 2011

You may have noticed that on the side of our site we’ve added a tasty looking link for The Digital Archives. Have you clicked it? You should try that and see where… Read More

Music Career

5 Music Business Lessons From Butch Walker #hitsongs

By On November 3, 2011

Butch Walker has an enviable music career. Lead singer and songwriter for the one hit wonders Marvelous 3, he’s now moved on to become a songwriter for some huge artists (Katy Perry, Weezer, Pink). Recently Harper… Read More

Music Publishing

TuneCore Gets Into Publishing #nin

By On November 2, 2011

This could down as some the biggest news of the year for songwriters. TuneCore is getting into the publishing business: I began using TuneCore six years ago with the release of Ghosts. …The experience went very… Read More


Justin Bieber Gets To 2 Billion YouTube Views #whatdoesitmean

By On November 2, 2011

The boy wonder himself is about to get to another Internet first; 2 billion YouTube views. Remember – 2 billion views isn’t 2 billion people. Bieber grabbed many of these views via a… Read More

Songwriting is Like Raising a Child

By On November 2, 2011

I was meditating on the process of song creation. From the spark that starts the creation to the endless back and forth edits that allow that spark to grow into a full… Read More

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