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SNL Recap: Sleigh Bells Give Us Eye Candy

By On February 19, 2012

For many bands, the visual aesthetic is typically given little thought. Watching Sleigh Bells shows you how simple, classic, and powerful a well tailored band image can be. They’re not reinventing the… Read More

Music Marketing

The Image Of Amy Winehouse

By On December 5, 2011

While we were in Italy giving one of our many talks I made a comment saying that “Talent alone is not enough.” One person took issue with that statement saying that he… Read More


The Importance of Who You Are as an Artist

By On September 22, 2011

I posted recently about the power of music documentaries when it comes to tightening the bond with fans and attracting new fans.  I touched on it lightly in that post, but fans… Read More


Blink 182-Staying True to the Image

By On August 29, 2011

I loved Blink 182 when I was in high-school and early university. They just had this ability to relate to the immature mind of a teenage male fused with their overabundance of… Read More


Pomplamoose: Hyundai and DIY Success

By On November 26, 2010

Lefsetz was raving about the Pomplamoose/Hyundai commercial. This is a band who did everything themselves and this commercial was something Lefsetz cheered on.  It’s not selling out because they did everything themselves.… Read More

Music Business Commentary

What Green Day and Michael Jackson Have in Common

By On July 8, 2009

I went to see Green Day last night. I got free tickets and wanted to be 14 again. I haven’t heard much of the new stuff or even much in the last… Read More

Digital Music

First Impression Evolution

By On May 19, 2009

Voyno made a good point about first impressions in the last post.  He eluded to it, but the one point I wanted to make clear was that you don’t have to have… Read More

Live Show

Elements Of An Artist's Image

By On April 20, 2009

It’s very easy to say your image is just the look of your band, but image is really about authentically matching your music with the right visual elements. Everything you present to… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Barenaked Ladies: A Dent In The Image

By On July 20, 2008

Barnaked Ladies’ frontman, Steven Page was recently arrested for posession of cocaine. If you don’t know the band, you might think “So what? Another Rockstar doing drugs…who cares?” However, if you actually… Read More

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