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iPhone app Review

New Rockstar Philosophy iPhone App Now Available On The App Store

By On March 17, 2012

It’s here! It’s here! Finally, The New Rockstar Philosphy iPhone app is available on iTunes all over the world. The New Rockstar Philosophy is a simple app (but more is coming!). It boils… Read More

Cloud Music

BlackBerry Music? RIM Creates Social Streaming

By On August 25, 2011

And here I had counted Research In Motion out of the race for anything cool and current. Lo and behold they’ve rolled out a music service that, at least on paper, could… Read More

iPhone app Review

iPhone App Review: Radio Soulwax! For People Who Love Awesome Music

By On July 18, 2011

My day job involves creating and developing iPhone apps and therefore scouring the app world for the best and the brightest is a common task. This week I stumbled upon a new featured app… Read More

iPhone app Review

iPhone App Review: NanoStudio

By On April 26, 2011

Back in February I took on the RPM Challenge but decided to add another twist. I would write and record my entire album on a new iPhone app I’d heard great things… Read More

Cloud Music

Oh Snap – Apple Knee-Caps All iPhone Subscription Music Services

By On February 17, 2011

Oh, what a sad day to be Spotify, or any other music start up that has hopes of making money through the iPhone. You see there is no doubt that iTunes is… Read More

iPhone app Review

iPhone App Review For Musicians: 8mm Vintage Camera

By On January 25, 2011

Have you checked out the 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app? It’s a simple and easy way to make videos that have a definite retro style to them. Choose from 25 filters (!) with added… Read More

Digital Music

Finally A Guitar StompBox For Your iPod

By On January 19, 2011

As technology keeps getting better and smaller, a stomp box that hooks up to your iPhone to emulate real guitar sounds, sounds about right. So here we have Griffin, the company who… Read More

Digital Music

Viral Hits: Pros & Cons For Artists

By On March 7, 2009

I just watched a viral video from an English band The Mentalists. It’s been getting a bit of press lately, but as I watched it I couldn’t help think that this band… Read More

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