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How Much Money Do Bands Make From Streaming Services?

By On April 14, 2010

Information is Beautiful reminded me once again of how streaming is not going to be THE ANSWER for musicians. If you need 4.5 million streams to make minimum wage with Spotify then… Read More

Digital Music

New Changes In The World of Digital Music Distribution

By On March 29, 2010

Within the last 3 years artists have begun to see more options available for selling their music digitally. In the early days a band simply needed to send their shiny disc to… Read More

Digital Music

iTunes Eats LaLa and Out Comes Your Future

By On December 7, 2009

If you’re under 35 you probably play your music library exclusively through iTunes. The most you care/know of streaming (cloud) technology is when you preview an iTunes Store song. As CD’s become… Read More

Digital Music

iTunes + Genius = iCharts?

By On March 17, 2009

Dear iTunes, I have a way for you to stay relevant after Steve Jobs goes back to his home planet and everyone starts jumping ship. It requires some privacy invasion and a… Read More

Digital Music

iTunes Pass: A Subscription Model

By On February 25, 2009

Many people believe that the future of music will somehow be subscription based. Either through something like Spotify, or through an ISP subscription, or through the artists themselves. Recently that world got… Read More

Digital Music

CD Baby vs TuneCore: Money

By On February 10, 2009

Want to distribute your single, E.P, or album? Want to get it on iTunes and Rhapsody and all of those other nifty digital distribution sites? Where do you go? For many DIY… Read More

Digital Music

Check These Links Out!

By On November 20, 2008

Josh gave us a heads up about an interesting new music site called The Next Big Sound. The angle that The Next Big Sound takes is that YOU are a LABEL and… Read More

Music Career

Basics: Demoing with Garageband

By On November 20, 2008

This may seem like pretty obvious stuff, but I am the type of person that needs to be told things a few times and even then it’s best just to show me.… Read More

Digital Music

Wal-Mart Drops DRM

By On October 11, 2008

The power of OUR GENERATION GROWS! Last month, the Wal-Mart informed customers who bought its DRM-wrapped music that it would no longer issue keys to unlock songs. That meant music buyers would… Read More

Digital Music

EMI – a Portal for Morons

By On October 9, 2008

Wow a major label is looking to the future…. kind of… er not. EMI, is reportedly planning to launch a new music portal that will sell downloads and offer full-song streams. The… Read More

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