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Instant Inspiration

Kanye West Talks Creativity & Artistic Vision

By On August 9, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m a Kanye fan boy. I called his reign on the top of the rap game since I first heard his production skills with Jigga. Those tracks were… Read More

International Book Tour

New Rockstar Philosophy International Book Tour: Day 2

By On November 20, 2011

So we make it into O’hare International Airport in Chicago last night and text Andy from We haven’t met the guy yet, but we’re staying at his place for the night.… Read More

Music Career

It’s Not Just What You Say. It’s Also How You Say It.

By On October 29, 2011

You’ve probably heard that comedy is all about delivery. Well timed punch lines delivered in a certain style of expression are what make comedians stand out and be funny. The same is… Read More

Digital Music

Lil Wayne Breaks Digital Sales Record – Stomps on Jay-Z & Coldplay

By On September 2, 2011

Well it appears Weezy is about to turn his baby money into big boy money because the man has already sold 300,000 digital copies of Tha Carter IV and is now expected… Read More


First Day Sales Important For Superstars – What About Other Artists?

By On August 31, 2011

I’ve been noticing a trend in big Major Label releases. It’s all about the first 24 hours. More and more superstars like Kanye, Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne are pushing for big… Read More


The Impact of One Song

By On August 24, 2011

As a new artist or even an established artist, but especially for a new artist,  the impact of one song has incredible importance.  I understand that in order to truly be great,… Read More


Coachella 2011 Highlights

By On April 22, 2011

Indio, California. I was fortunate enough to attend Coachella last weekend. We drove 30 hours South through blizzards with very little sleep to get to the site where we dealt with insanely… Read More

SXSW 2011

SXSW 2011: Launch Central

By On March 9, 2011

South By South West is known for being a buzz amplifier. Whether Metallica’s doing a club gig to promote Rock Band,  Tim Ferriss launching the 4 hour week there, Ipad2 launching on… Read More


The Flaming Lips Release New Music Every Month of 2011

By On January 4, 2011

Two years ago Hoover and I wrote about the concept of consistent new music. We created the idea of the 3P (3 new songs every 3 months) as a way for artists to keep creative… Read More


Kanye West’s Monster Music Video Goes For Controversy

By On December 8, 2010

The full video for Kanye West’s epic track Monster isn’t even out. But with the Kanye West hype machine on overdrive, Monster is generating controversy. Monster, one of the many epic tracks on Kanye… Read More

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