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Why and How You Should Use Live Streaming To Build Your Audience

By On August 3, 2016

I have been impressed by how culturally relevant live streaming has become. Facebook is doubling down on live streaming, YouTube, Twitter, and more are all pushing, or starting to push users to… Read More


Sorry, Most Artists Aren’t Entrepreneurs After All

By On July 15, 2016

In my internationally published, award winning book, The New Rockstar Philosophy, I write about how artists can make simple changes to become a sustainable business. I detail how to use the tools… Read More


Fan Self-Analysis and Aloe Blacc

By On September 13, 2010

This blog is not here to pump one artist up, but I don’t care, it’s our blog and I want you know about Aloe Blacc. More importantly, I want you know to… Read More


Sade Gets Passed Rejection to Sell 50 million +

By On August 6, 2010

I was reading Bob Lefsetz’ latest mail bag email, when an email from Robin Millar came in talking about Sade. He helped produce Sade on her breakout hit “Smooth Operator” in the… Read More

Digital Music

The Kind of Fans You Want

By On May 28, 2010

A couple nights ago I was hanging out on the front porch with some friends and wine. At one point in the conversation, the band “The Decemberists” came into play.  One person… Read More


Why Do You Pay Attention?

By On February 15, 2010

Lately, I’ve been on this science documentary buzz.  From quantum physics to the history and future of the cell, I’ve been on this quest to discover the root or why of everything. … Read More


Your 2010 Music Goals

By On January 4, 2010

Since it’s the new year, why not talk about music goals for the year? I thought this post could be a spot where people could comment their goals for the year as… Read More

Live Show

DIYgigs-Find Contacts to Book Gigs

By On December 22, 2009

Hey guys, We just put up a little promo video for Let us know what you think. [youtube=] Enjoy the Holidays Take Control of Your Music Hoover Tweet This… Read More


The World's Biggest Cover Band

By On August 30, 2009

I’m a Coldplay fan. So before Vida La Vida/Death and all His Friends was released, I wanted to hear some tracks. I saw the apple commercial for Vida la Vida and thought… Read More

Digital Music

Make The Band Sustainable

By On July 26, 2009

Today’s post is all about cash and band money management. I know it’s not the most enjoyable topic for many a artists, but it’s necessary if you’re seriously thinking about making music… Read More

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