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Left Brain+Right Brain=Music Career

By On June 16, 2009

I’ve been thinking on how people usually tend to lean to one side of their brain in term of how they think and function. I’m generalizing, but you’ll find very logical, rational… Read More

Music Business Commentary

The Single Deal Vs. The Album Deal

By On June 4, 2009

You already know how we feel about albums, but I wanted to bring this up. What if you are an act who is generating some hype, but a record label is too… Read More

Music Business Commentary

What Does Making It Really Mean?

By On May 28, 2009

When are you a success? What does success as an artist actually mean?? Is it signing a record deal? Is it being artistically satisfied with your creative output? Is it selling a… Read More

Digital Music

Next Generation Jazz Careers

By On May 12, 2009

Despite being some of the coolest music on earth, the musicians who play jazz aren’t usually making big money. A lot of the famous musicians have earned their respect over many years… Read More

Digital Music

The Evolving Idea of Free Music

By On May 9, 2009

There’s been more and more debate on the pros and cons of music being free.  The comments from a recent hypebot article and this recent post all are trying to make sense… Read More

Digital Music

Guns N' Roses Manager Interview

By On May 7, 2009

Passion plus talent….You can’t go wrong. – Andy Gould Came across a vid interview with Andy Gould, manager of Guns N’ Roses. Aside from his firm belief that Chinese Democracy is a… Read More

Digital Music

Evolve as an Artist or Not?

By On May 4, 2009

Met some friends who came into town for the Bloc Party show on Saturday. Somehow we started talking about the pressure bands must have releasing a sophomore album after experiencing debut album… Read More

Digital Music

Rewriting, Reflecting, and Releasing

By On April 28, 2009

As we gear up to release The New Rockstar Philosophy Book, it made me reflect on how many times we re-wrote the book. We thought we’d have it done months ago. It’s… Read More


Twitter Madness

By On April 14, 2009

Was just on, checking out the tweeters with the largest following. Barack has had less time to tweet as he’s got a country to run, so CNN has taken over with… Read More

Digital Music

Keeping Your Eyes Open for Sign Posts

By On April 4, 2009

So you’re working your ass off trying to live the dream. Along the way you’re probably going to deal with disappointments and obstacles that may make you wonder why they hell you’re… Read More

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