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Coachella 2012

Champagne and Bananas as Your Band Identity??

By On February 4, 2012

So I’m sifting through all the artists playing Coachella and stumble on this video by Dada Life. If you’re unfamiliar, they’re a DJ/Producer duo from Sweeden who love to party and have… Read More


Artist and Brand: Florence + The Machine and Piaget Watches

By On October 11, 2011

Just heard the new single from Florence + the Machine’s new album and totally into it.  It’s a great tune that’s turned me on to the artist. I’ve heard her name before… Read More


The Power of Music Documentaries and What it Means For Independent Artists

By On September 19, 2011

I’m going to see Pearl Jam tonight and incredibly stoked. They’re out touring to promote 20 years together and their upcoming documentary, PJ20 (it comes out tomorrow).  It got me thinking how… Read More


SXSW 2011: Power Of Video

By On March 20, 2011

SXSW 2011 is behind us now but what an awesome, albeit exhausting 9 days. We were at a music video panel where the topic was creating great content on the cheap. On the… Read More

Digital Music

Why Data is Becoming So Important For Musicians

By On January 31, 2010

Data. It’s the new gold according to many experts and pundits. Why? Data simply helps you make better decisions. Example 1 Let’s say you put up 3 different songs on YouTube. After… Read More


The Whole World as Your Potential Audience

By On October 20, 2009

Just watched another metal documentary by the same guy who did the last one I watched. This one explored the global reach metal has. At first I thought this would be mainly… Read More

Digital Music

Teasing Equals Amplified Anticipation

By On May 23, 2009

So let’s say you’re an artist who has developed a fanbase through online promotion and touring.  You’re still stuck on making an album even though you’ve read The New Rockstar Philosophy book… Read More

Digital Music

Creative YouTube Marketing

By On December 26, 2008

Came across this pretty sweet vid of two indie musicians covering Jerry’s Breakdown (by 70’s bluegrass/jazz finger picking great Jerry Reed). They’ve taken a song, but added a sweet twist. They’re BOTH… Read More

Digital Music

A Marketing Savvy Flutist??

By On December 7, 2008

So I was browsing YouTube and came across a video by Greg Patillo, a flutist who’s really taking advantage of YouTube to market his music. He has a few vids up but… Read More

Digital Music

Music Marketing: Kanye West vs. 50 Cent

By On September 30, 2008

OK, so the whole Kanye West Vs. 50 cent is a little old, but I wanted talk about it since Kanye is gearing up for his new release in November. What I… Read More

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