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International Book Tour

A Video Montage of Our Adventure in Europe

By On December 14, 2011

Hey guys, Some of you have seen this, but some of you haven’t.  Here is a video montage from our trip to Italy to celebrate the publication of our book in Italian.… Read More


Deadmau5 Talks Band Merch & Touring

By On December 8, 2010

It seems like every time I hear about Deadmau5 it’s because he’s getting bigger and bigger. The elctro house dj is on his grind. Touring so hard that he collapsed earlier this year.… Read More


The New Rockstar Philosophy Book

By On April 2, 2010

Bump! Download the Beta version of The New Rockstar Philosophy! It’s 100% free. Here are the steps: Send an email to [email protected] with “Book” in the subject line You’ll get an confirmation… Read More

Digital Music

Sharing Music 2.0: SoundCloud

By On March 4, 2009

SoundCloud is a new way to share, track, and view music online. Typically downloading and sharing individual tracks involved either a direct email attachment or a redirection to a mp3 hosting site.… Read More


Music Industry Associations World Wide

By On February 19, 2009

Are you a part of a music industry association? I have been a member of my local and national music industry associations for about 4 years. I joined them because I knew… Read More

Digital Music

Spotify: Streaming 2.0

By On January 6, 2009

Spotify is a new Major Label approved music service that allows users to stream music in a more web 2.0 fashion. Because it has Major Label approval, Spotify has an extensive catalog… Read More

Digital Music

RIAA Curses the Darkness

By On November 19, 2008

Just a heads up for all you University and College students: The RIAA has convinced Tennessee to filter computer networks for unauthorized music downloads at the states colleges and universities. This piece… Read More

Digital Music

Jermaine Dupri Talks About The Future of Music

By On June 12, 2008

Jermaine Dupri, The guy is the industry heavy-weight who brought you Kriss Kross (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m probably older than you. I was digging that cassette tape… Read More

Digital Music

Hit Song Breakdown: Yellow – Coldplay

By On June 9, 2008

On this weeks Hit Song Breakdown we tackle Coldplay’s inaugural hit: Yellow This song is the reason Coldplay are the biggest band in the world. Their first single “Trouble” was well received… Read More

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