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Chrysalis Records: Doing It For The Love

By On November 17, 2010

Just caught this email to Bob Lefsetz from Terry Ellis, co-founder of Chrysalis Records on the reason they started their own label.  Definitely worth reading. Hello Bob, I have been reading your… Read More

Music Industry News

Last Chance To Get The New Rockstar Philosophy For Free!

By On November 15, 2010

Here’s the story, The New Rockstar Philosophy has been in beta mode for way too long. We want to get a proper version (one you can hold) out to all the kind people… Read More

Digital Music

5 Ideas For Creating a Rabid Online Fan Base

By On May 1, 2010

I’m a sucker for infographics. Yesterday during my morning ritual of combing through RSS feeds, I stumbled across this little ditty which detailed the 5 steps a consumer brand should take in… Read More

Music Philosophy

Did You Follow Up?

By On August 4, 2009

Following up in the music business is important. Many people involved in this industry are very busy. They have their Blackberry’s going all the time. If you’ve emailed a few times but… Read More

Digital Music

Make The Band Sustainable

By On July 26, 2009

Today’s post is all about cash and band money management. I know it’s not the most enjoyable topic for many a artists, but it’s necessary if you’re seriously thinking about making music… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Touring For The Right Reasons

By On July 21, 2009

Touring. It’s been said over and over again that touring is the way to build your fanbase.  I’m not disagreeing with that because many a band built their base by touring. The… Read More

Digital Music

PPF House-Promoting The Collective

By On July 13, 2009

Some friends of mine are in town to start their Canadian tour and they just put on a fund raising beer night to get some cash right out the gate. They were… Read More

Music Business Commentary

What Green Day and Michael Jackson Have in Common

By On July 8, 2009

I went to see Green Day last night. I got free tickets and wanted to be 14 again. I haven’t heard much of the new stuff or even much in the last… Read More

Digital Music

Michael Jackson and Performance

By On June 29, 2009

Besides the great songs, Michael Jackson was a performer, if not, THE performer to see.  He was an entertainer who knew how to amaze.  He was a magician who captivated the world… Read More


Summer Equals Songwriting Inspiration

By On June 23, 2009

Man, I love summer. If you’re in California or any other 24/7 sunny location, you probably don’t appreciate summer as much as people who know what a cold winter feels like. Summer… Read More

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