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Music Success in 9 Weeks – Review

By On February 2, 2009

Music Success in Nine Weeks! What an audacious claim indeed. Music Success in 9 weeks is a music business book that lays out a 9 week plan for world domination…well, not necessarily… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Defining Your Success

By On January 27, 2009

– From The New Rockstar Philosophy book out in March 2009– I came out of the fuckin’ sticks to take over the world. I was an emperor. –John Lennon, Rolling Stone Interview.… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Thieves of Rock and Roll

By On January 24, 2009

The other day I stumbled upon this quote by Jim Jarmusch. Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books,… Read More

Digital Music

Franz Ferdinand is Coming After You!

By On January 17, 2009

Franz Ferdinand is using Web Sheriff Confessed pirates themselves, Franz Ferdinand have recently taken a pro-piracy stance, encouraging fans to download some of their work. It was therefore quite a surprise to… Read More


The Necessity of a Breakout Hit

By On January 16, 2009

Before The Beatles hit America they wanted a breakout hit. They knew the power that a crossover hit had, so they sat down and wrote I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Coldplay wrote… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Your Merch Online

By On January 13, 2009

Bands today make more money off their merchandise then their music. So you basically have the music selling a clothing line. I must have heard that on a random website, because I… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Getting and Keeping Band Momentum!!!

By On December 12, 2008

Momentum When bands have momentum there is a buzz and an intangible, yet significant, energy around them. It can be seen when they play, it can be felt from their recordings and… Read More

Digital Music

4AD Making New Friends

By On December 8, 2008

4AD is a Independant label close to my heart. The Pixies were on 4AD, and lord knows I love the Pixies. For Christmas 4AD is giving away a digital sampler disc. It… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Copyright Hype: Indie Pool

By On December 1, 2008

Recently there has been some net chatter about Copyrighting your songs. My friends have asked me, “What’s the deal?” So here’s my take: Copyrighting is a different beast then it used to… Read More

Digital Music

Ze German Myspace Disease!

By On November 28, 2008

I wrote about this in my other blog but I think it bears repeating: If you’ve received a Myspace friend request then you have probably seen this attached to that request: “Klicke… Read More

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