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Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Shares His World Domination Secrets #haterz #cancon

By On November 14, 2012

Lots of folks have a hate on for Canada’s biggest band but once you know more about the business sense of the band can you begin to respect them for what they’ve… Read More

Music Industry News

Can The Winnipeg Jets Stop Nickelback? #toomuch #radioplay

By On September 2, 2011

Let me go on record saying that I RESPECT Chad Kroeger for how good he is at writing hit “songs” that are smashed into your head with the ferocity and subtleness of… Read More

Music Career

Modern Rock Is Dead – Embrace Your Eccentricities

By On May 2, 2011

I was walking through a mall the other day when I heard a song that sounded exactly like a friends band. After realizing that no, it was not my buddy’s song, I… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Top 3 Most Influential Rock Bands of The 2000's

By On November 15, 2009

Rock music is a different beast then it was in 1999. Thank god. Nu-metal is a bad dream I’d like to forget. But out of all that shit some good things did… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Why Nickelback Succeeds

By On October 24, 2009

The longest lasting career bands aren’t the necessarily the best ones. The longest lasting bands, the ones who have solid careers in the music business, are the artists who simply go for… Read More

Music Business Commentary

The Benefits of Pushing Artistry: The Nickelback Effect

By On August 20, 2009

I ran across an interesting read from a friends website. Essentially Steve is making the point that many millions of people do with their wallets, Nickelback has a talent for writing hit… Read More


Coldplay Studies Nickleback ??

By On June 21, 2009

Read an article on Coldplay and their recent Canadian dates. 2 things struck out at me as pretty interesting insights into the world of Chris Martin and company. 1.  He studies Nickelback… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Does Mainstream Music Still Exist?

By On February 14, 2009

As a regular subscriber to various musical blogs and news feeds, I cannot help but feel inundated with press about the new U2 record. Hoover even wrote about it recently. But why?… Read More

Music Business Commentary

TicketMaster + Live Nation Merger

By On February 4, 2009

Just when Obama brought hope into the world, another great for business, crap for the rest, music merger is upon us. In a classic big business move TicketMaster and Live Nation are… Read More

Music Career

Artistic Evolution: Kanye West!?

By On December 16, 2008

When Kanye West released his first single from his new album many people scoffed and took out their sharpest carving knives. You could count me among them. I was not a fan… Read More

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